Electric Motion EM 5.7 Electric Trials Bike | Christophe Bruand Ride Video

  It looks like Gas Gas is not the only manufacturer looking at Trials riders as a good market for electric motorcycles. Philippe Aresten, the president of Scorpa from 2001 to 2007, started Montpellier, France based Electric Motion and plans to bring the EM 5.7 to market. Watching the video below of Christophe Bruand riding a […]

Adam Raga Rides Gas Gas TXT-E At EICMA *Video*

Gas Gas had their TXT-E on display at EICMA. As mentioned in a previous post it is said to be planned for production. Mike Werner snapped some pics of the Gas Gas electric trials bike at EICMA 2011 and Trail World found the video below of Adam Raga showing what an electric trials bike can do […]

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Gas Gas TXT eTrail Pro Electric Trials Motorcycle

Austria’s Gas Gas distributor BLM Motorrader converted a TXT Pro petrol engine Gas Gas to electric and had trials rider Dieter Rudolf take it for a ride over a few cars and crates. The motor looks like an Agni or Lemco but Google translation of the Motorrad-Reporter article mentions the motor is a brushless DC. […]

Phil Smage Playing Indoors On The Zero MX

The Smage bros. are two of those multi-talented guys you love to hate. If it has two wheels they can probably ride it better than you. Yeah, I’m sure it’s hard work that got them there but saying it’s heredity makes me feel better about my riding skills. LP Motocross recently filmed Phil Smage on […]

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