Roehr eSuperSport New And Improved For 2011

Roehr Motorcycles is upping the ante for 2011 and moving from the Hyosung GT250 platform to the beefier GT650 chassis. Roehr is rocking the Hyosung bodywork for the 2011 electric bike instead of rolling his own aerodynamic design as they did in 2010. The new frame is not have a perimeter frame like the previous. […]

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135 mph Roehr eSuperBike Ready To Order

The twin AC induction motor, 135 mph, 100 mile range ROEHR Motorcycles eSuperBike is ready to order, making it the fastest production electric money can buy. With $2000 down you can have one in your driveway in six weeks. The eSuperBike uses 7.7 kWh of LiFePO4 batteries for an electric drive system running at 96 Volts. […]

Roehr eSuperBike Sneak Peak Pictures

Walter Roehrich posted pictures of the Roehr eSuperbike on yesterday. The bike clearly shows 2 AC Induction motors and some nicely packaged batteries and electronics. Walter explained that he would have liked to have the bike ready for the Infineon TTXGP opener this weekend but some delays with the body work and other issues […]

Roehr Stays Different. Only Now They’re Electric

Yesterday Roehr announced the eRoehr electric motorcycle series will be available spring 2010. The two electric models will be Walter Roehrich’s 4th Roehr project and this one has a lot of potential to help the company accomplish their mission: Roehr Motorcycles LLC will become the premier builder of American made sports and racing motorcycles, passionately […]

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