Mark Miller Meets The MotoCzysz E1pc

After 5 months of planning and building, numerous electrical shocks and 30 miles of track testing the MotoCzysz E1pc Digital Superbike was crated and shipped to the Isle of Man for TTXGP. The American racer, Mark Miller did not even see the bike until it arrived on the Isle Of Man for the first electric […]

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Who’s Idea Was The iPhone Dashboard?

MotoCzysz captured the attention of motorcycle and gadget geeks a few weeks ago when they displayed pictures of their E1pc Digital Superbike sporting an iPhone dashboard. Who could help linking to something so cool and practical and showing all your friends? The picture received a lot of attention. I finally sat down this morning to […]

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TTXGP Documentary Coming Soon

Some good footage of the TTXGP is turning up on youTube. Brammo recently released high quality footage of their two all electric TTR’s circulating the island circuit. One shot Amadeus_IOM took after TTXGP qualifying reminded me that Mark Neale (director of Faster) is working on a documentary of the TTXGP that will air on Discovery […]

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TTXGP Rider Interviews After the Race

The official TTXGP results are posted along with a video from race day and interviews with the riders and team members. Most riders interviewed over the last week seem surprised at the power of the bikes and how much they enjoyed riding them. Keep in mind some of the entries were not complete and track […]

MotoCzysz Qualifies For TTXGP Race

Yesterday, June 10 was the second and last day of qualifying for the final TTXGP race being held tomorrow. Based on comments from the field, a rumor developed that MotoCzysz did not qualify for the final. I was hoping this was not the case and a fan/photographer on the scene confirmed it was not. MotoCzysz […]

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Results After TTXGP Qualifying At IOM TT

Team Agni and Robert “Bullet” Barber made history and turned the fastest lap of the 37.5 mile IOM mountain course at 26 minutes, 41 seconds on a zero emissions motorcycle. This was a good 5 minutes, 6 seconds faster than the next fastest team, Dan Kneen on the ManTTX machine.  Absent from the top three […]

TTXGP Bikes Hit IOM Circuit For Practice

This moring the TTXG bike hit the track for pratice.  Here are some great pics by Amadeus_IOM of Amadeus Photography. MotoCzysz: Mission Motors: Brammo/Best Buy: Native Electric Motorsport Kingston University: Barefoot Motors: Burnel X-Team: Source: Amadeus_IOM, Amadeus Photography

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MotoCzysz E1pc Dyno Run Video

Portland, Oregon based MotoCzysz recently posted a new video of their E1pc Electric TTXGP bike recorded during dyno testing. The first video they posted had the batteries wired off the bike. It shows the bare frame which is designed to allow upgrades of batteries to suit power requirements. The second video shows the bike with the battery […]

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