135 mph Roehr eSuperBike Ready To Order

The twin AC induction motor, 135 mph, 100 mile range ROEHR Motorcycles eSuperBike is ready to order, making it the fastest production electric money can buy. With $2000 down you can have one in your driveway in six weeks. The eSuperBike uses 7.7 kWh of LiFePO4 batteries for an electric drive system running at 96 Volts. […]

Exclusive Specs On The SWIGZ.COM Pro Racing TTXGP Bike

With one week left until the electric race bikes take to Infineon to kick off the much anticipated 2010 TTXGP series, I got my hands on exclusive detailed spec of the SWIGZ Pro Racing electric superbike. What you see here is not the latest LiFePO4 delivery bike, though the beautify crafted battery racks loaded with 360 life-poe-fours […]

Square Wave Racing Wants To Go Wild On TTXGP

Square Wave Racing is a garage based electric race team from Columbus, Ohio who saw the potential in electric motorcycle racing after the 2009 TTXGP. John Wild is heading up the project as the rider, crew chief and fabricator for the SWR1 electric motorcycle while his partner Sean Ewing is the electrical engineer behind the […]

How Do Electric Motorcycle Batteries Work?

Kevin Cameron has been teaching the motorcycle enthusiast community the technical aspects of internal combustion two wheelers on the pages of Cycle World as long as I can remember. I’m not sure how long he toils over what would take me months to write but the finish piece is always an easy to follow explanation […]

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Roehr Stays Different. Only Now They’re Electric

Yesterday Roehr announced the eRoehr electric motorcycle series will be available spring 2010. The two electric models will be Walter Roehrich’s 4th Roehr project and this one has a lot of potential to help the company accomplish their mission: Roehr Motorcycles LLC will become the premier builder of American made sports and racing motorcycles, passionately […]

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