US Highland Announces Magnetronic Hub Motor

Today,  Oklahoma-based US Highland announced an electric hub motor for use in electric drive powersports applications. They have been working on this “magnetronic” motor for the last 2 years with a company called Millennial Research. Millennial Research, who appear to be owned by US Highland, claims the motor will consume up to 70% less battery power […] Pro Racing Going BonKERS In 2010

The race is on to squeeze performance out of current electric drive technology for the 2010 electric race season. Agni is hinting at streamlining it’s 2009 TTXGP winning X01. Michael Czysz has serious concerns (great discussion in the comments) about the dangers of a rapid move to streamlining but will be ready with a streamlined […]

Stealth Electric Bomber, A Two Wheeled Identity Crisis

Quick, what has two wheels, handlebars, a motor and goes over 40 mph? A motorcycle – wrong! Sorry, that was not fair. I left out pedals and crank arms. So OK, now guess what it is? A moped – wrong again! Ok, enough with the semi-cleverish intro. I’m talking about electric mountain bikes. Big travel […]

Honda Unveils EVE-neo and EVE-Cub Electrics

Honda has published photos of a few battery electric scooters they plan to display in Tokyo next month at the 2009 Annual Tokyo Motor Show. One of the scooters, the EVE-neo, looks close to being production ready but Honda has not mentioned whether it is the all electric bike they plan to sell in 2010. […]

Ultra Motor A2B Excel Electric Scooter

The A2B Excel is an all electric scooter by London based Ultra Motor that was on display at EuroBike 2009 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. You may think it looks a lot like a bicycle and with good reason. The first incarnation of the A2B has pedals. The Excel features large platforms where the bottom bracket and […]

EnerTrac Corporation Electric Hub Motor

Update: See EnerTrac’s limited time offer at the end of this post. In order to understand the beauty of electric motorcycles you need to look beyond the silence, ease of maintenance and lack of emissions. Electric motors have only one moving part, the rotor inside the motor. They are small and powerful and becoming more […]

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