2009 AMA TTXGP eGrandPrix At Mid Ohio

This weekend was the first time electric motorcycles took the track on US soil in an AMA event dubbed the TTXGP eGrandPrix. Through out the day Saturday there was a crowd gathered around the electric motorcycles at the TTXGP tent. Even after 7 PM when most of Mid Ohio Sports Car Course was mostly cleared […]

FIM Electric Motorcycle Race Series For 2010

Many motorsports fans were skeptical of Azhar Hussain’s plans to bring electric motorcycle racing to the Isle of Man TT with the TTXGP. Calls for variety in the IOM TT had been shot down in the past. While many wanted to take a step backward to 2 strokes and more capacity variations Azhar and the […]

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TTXGP Rider and Team Interviews

Here is an interesting interview with various TTXGP teams and Riders.  The following people are interviewed: Azhar Hussain – TTXGP founder Brian Wismann – Brammo’s Team Leader Roy Richardson – One of Team Brammo’s Riders Jeremy Cleland – Mission Motors Product Manager Rober Barber – Team Agni Rider Arvind Rabadia – Team Agni Race Director