The latest eKRAD Video And Some Specs

If you have been dreaming of a world where beautiful, scantily clad women roost on electric motorcycles, it appears you need to move to Germany. Electric motorcycle company eKRAD has photographic proof that at least one of said ladies exists. Judging by the look on her face, the bike is a blast to ride…she makes it look […]

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Electric Cruisers Get No Love, Not Even On eBay

The number of companies competing for the electric chopper and cruisers market does not seem anywhere near as large as the number of companies wanting you to buy their scooters, dirtbikes and sportbikes. OCC built the Siemens Electric chopper (“the Smart Chopper”) which you can’t get unless you are a popular charity. Only two companies […]

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Stealth Electric Bomber, A Two Wheeled Identity Crisis

Quick, what has two wheels, handlebars, a motor and goes over 40 mph? A motorcycle – wrong! Sorry, that was not fair. I left out pedals and crank arms. So OK, now guess what it is? A moped – wrong again! Ok, enough with the semi-cleverish intro. I’m talking about electric mountain bikes. Big travel […]

Electric Moto EMAX 72DS MX Track Video

A grainy video of the Electric Moto EMAX 72DS being ridden around an outdoor motocross track was recently posted on YouTube. The footage is not the best but you can see the 13″ of Ohlins suspension soaking up landings and whoops. This video also gives us proof the bike has the electrics dialed in enough to ride in […]

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Electric Moto EMAX 72DS Based on ATK Chassis

Since Ely Schless stepped down from CEO to CTC we have not heard much from Electric Moto and their Blade XT. They are back with a new website, a new CEO and a 72 Volt, full size electric dirtbike. It sits on high spec Tag/ wheels, Ohlins suspension and an aluminum frame that is unmistakably […]

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