Adam Raga Rides Gas Gas TXT-E At EICMA *Video*

Gas Gas TXT-e ebike at EICMA 2011.

Gas Gas had their TXT-E on display at EICMA. As mentioned in a previous post it is said to be planned for production.

Mike Werner snapped some pics of the Gas Gas electric trials bike at EICMA 2011 and Trail World found the video below of Adam Raga showing what an electric trials bike can do in a small space.


via: Trail World pic:

Gas Gas TXT-e 4820 Specs:

Engine ETA Electric Motors TXT conversion kit-4820
Chassis Chassis tubular chrome-moly
Tilt Aluminum, progressive system of rods
Front fork Conventional Marzocchi 40 mm aluminum, 177 mm travel
Regulation Adjustable compression and rebound
Buffer Sachs hydraulic monoshock
Regulation Spring preload and rebound adjustable
Travel Rear wheel travel 164 mm
Tire type Radiated in aluminum rim
Rims – Tyres Front: 1.6 x 21 – 2.75 x 21 Michelin Trial
Rims – Tyres Rear: 2.15 x 18 – 4.00 x 18 Michelin Trial TL
Front brake 185 mm floating, 4 piston caliper
Back brake 150 mm disc, 2 piston caliper
Autonomy Between 45 and 120 minutes
Charging time 80% charge in 1 hour, 100% in 2.5 hours
Dry Weight 63 kg
Dimensions Length x width x height: 2,045 x 825 x 1,130 mm
Wheelbase 1325 mm
Seat Height 650 mm
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Brammo Confirms 2 Seater

Brammo Empulse Two Seater

Brammo announced (let slip?) on Facebook last week that they will be selling a two seat Empulse. “Room for two” is one of the reoccurring requests by forum dwellers of Brammo, Zero and the other manufacturers of electric motorcycles. Brammo has obviously been listening.

Never mind the effects of the extra weight on the range of ebikes, electric motorcycle riders want to bring their significant other along for the ride. So far Brammo will be the only pillion friendly option (other than Vectrix scooters) when the Empluse hits the streets.

Will we see the 2 seater Empulse at EICMA this weekend? Stay tuned.

Source: FB Via: The vigilant enthusiasts of Brammo Forum

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Electric Trials Bikes Expected From Gas Gas At EICMA

Gas Gas 4820 electric trials bike
According to,  Gas Gas is expected to unveil an electric trials bike called the Gas Gas 4820 at EICMA this weekend. The bike will go into mass production this January. Gas Gas CEO Ramone Puente says 200 units have already been sold to Germany, Austria and Sweden.

Back in March 2010 I posted about an electric electric Gas Gas conversion by German importer BLM Motorrader. This production version, however, was developed with the help of ETA Motors.

As mentioned before, it seems trials is a great niche for electric drive motorcycles. Lots of torque, low speed and you never get too far from the truck. Add quiet to the mix and many urban venues become a potential eTrials playground. OSET has proven it can sell serious electric trials bikes for kids and be successful. It looks like we will soon find out if adults are willing to jump on board.

Who knows, Gas Gas may be in time to ride a small wave of interest building in the US for Trials riding. I know I have wanted a trials bike even more since the Smage Brothers rocked America’s Got Talent. Hey, if Kevin Schwantz says it laid the foundation for his skills, it must be good.

Check out another recent video of the Gas Gas 4820 eTrials bike being ridden by Adam Raga.

And another of Julien Dupont Trials’n the Alps.

Source: or via:

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Lightning Motors At Love Ride With ATK

Richard Hatfield Riding Electric At Love Ride 2011

The 28th annual Love Ride happened last weekend in Glendale, CA with the usual lineup of motorcycle riding celebs supporting Autism Speaks,  including Jay Leno, Danny “Machete” Trejo, and Robert Patrick (Terminator Cop). ATK’s Frank White was there with his Autistic son Jeff. Curiously, another rising star of motorcycle racing’s coolest niche was there in the same tent as ATK: Richard Hatfield and his land speed record breaking Lightning electric race bike. Richard even rode the Flying Banana in the lead group with Leno and White, finishing with plenty of juice to spare. Is there something going on between ATK and Lightning? It appears there may be with both brands in the same tent and ATK’s interest in electric drive. Let the rumors fly… or be shot down if you all know better.

Motorcycle USA reports that Lightning’s production version of the superbike is in progress and there is a lot of interest. I’m assuming this is not just from the motorcycle riding public. With Polaris snuggling up to Brammo this week and KTM coming out next year with their electric freeride motorcycle you can bet other major manufacturers realize it’s time to get busy with electric drive.

Source: Motorcycle USA

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Xinling e-Motor Electric China Bike

My mind is still spinning from a recent trip into the Chinese motorcycle forums. I blew hours looking through CIMA pics from 2010 and 2011 and this is some of what I have to show for it…

Xinling (Xlmco) made every effort to make this Xinling E-Motor electric motorcycle look like it’s gas burning brother. From the monstrous “engine” to the “chain guards” (yes, plural) to it’s double piggy back “Ohlins” shocks this hub motored mini bike does a good job looking dirty and loud.

You would think a bike that worked so hard to look gas powered would be ugly but I actually think it looks pretty cool.

Source: via: MyChinaMoto

I’d link to Xinling’s website but I can’t seem to find one.


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Electric Fans Rock The Vote! eBay Peoples Pick’s Awards

So eBay is holding the 2011 People’s Picks to crown motorsports enthusiasts favorite brands. I went through the Motorcycle and Motorsport categories and to my surprise there are no electric motorcycle related choices on the ballet.

But take heart eMoto fans, there are plenty of  “other” fields to specify “TTXGP”, “Lightning Motors”, Brammo,  “Mission Motors”, “Zero Motorcycles”, “Quantya”, MotoCzysz, “Isle Of Man TT”, “Chip Yates” or whatever electric motorcycle related answer you can think of.

Anyone have a good answer for “Favorite exhaust system manufacturer”?
– “Card In Spokes”
– “mp3”

Why not get some electric representation?

Vote here, vote often.

btw… Is it just me or does their logo look like a battery?

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Lightning Motors Does 218.637 MPH On The Salt – New Record 215.960

If you thought enough electric motorcycle records had been broken this year, you’re in for some disappointment. Lightning Motorcycles crushed the standing electric motorcycle land speed record a few times last week and ended up with 218.637 mph top speed and 215.960  average.

Asphalt And Rubber has had some great coverage over the last few weeks. Check out Paul Thede’s record setting run in the video below.  Press release follows. Lightning Motors is taking orders for their electric superbike  if you feel the need to eat up some miles quickly on an electric motorcycle.

Chip Yates will be at Bub Week very soon to try to raise the bar a little more.

Congrats to Richard Hatfield and the Lightning Motors team!

Production SuperBike Becomes First Electric Bike to Exceed 200 mph

San Carlos, Calif. – Lightning Motorcycle has set a new land speed record by becoming the first electric motorcycle manufacturer to exceed 200 mph during the Bonneville Salt Flats Speed Week, Aug. 13-19, 2011.

The production Lightning Electric SuperBike achieved an average speed of 215.960 mph with a best speed of 218.637 mph – more than 40 miles-per-hour faster than the previous record of 173 mph, also held by Lightning Motorcycle. Lightning Motorcycle’s record is recognized by the Southern California Timing Association/Bonneville Nationals Inc. (SCTA/BNI).
Driven by Paul Thede, principal of Race Tech and the developer of the Lightning SuperBike’s suspension system, the SuperBike made a run of 214.209 mph, followed by a return run of 217.712 mph.

To watch a video of the bike topping 200 mph, visit
This new land speed record maintains the manufacturer’s position as the fastest electric bike in the world in its class, and also makes the Lighting SuperBike the fastest motorcycle available for sale in North America.

“Our team was confident and excited to participate at the Bonneville Salt Flats, which is the ultimate proving ground to validate the performance of our Lightning SuperBike,” said Richard Hatfield, CEO of Lightning Motorcycle. “We not only succeeded in shattering our previous record, but we confirmed that electric motorcycles will be an important part of our industry’s future.”

The Lightning Electric SuperBike features a Remy HVH250TM electric propulsion motor, an Ener1 battery pack and additional enhancements. It is factory equipped with track mapping data acquisition. The SuperBike, which is equally suited to track days, weekend rides on your favorite back roads or record runs at Bonneville, has a usable freeway speed range of over 100 miles and a combined city/highway EPA range of over 150 miles.

Interested buyers can purchase the SuperBike by visiting

About Lighting Motorcycle
Lightning Motorcycle is dedicated to the belief that world class performance is compatible with clean tech transportation. The company believes that choosing to ride an electric motorcycle should not be a compromise, and the team has honed its understanding of vehicle development as lifetime racers, using competition to refine their technology. In addition to the SuperBike, Lightning Motorcycle is producing prototypes of electric commuter bikes, scooters and ATVs. For more information, visit

Image Source:

Laguna Seca TTXGP To Decide Fastest Electric Race Bike

Steve Rapp on the Mission R - Corkscrew - Laguna Seca - June 26, 2011

One of the biggest electric motorcycle races of year is happening this weekend at Laguna Seca. The second race of TTXGP North American series is being held in conjunction with FIM’s ePower series and the same weekend as MotoGP. Most of the highest profile and most decorated electric motorcycle race teams will be battling for some serious bragging rights of being the “fastest electric race bike”.

Last year Michael Czysz on the MotoCzysz e1pc barely beat TTXGP 2010 points leader Lightning Motors with Michael Barnes in the saddle. MotoCzysz went on to place 1st and 2nd in the 2011 TT Zero at the Isle of Man TT securing the unofficial top spot in the electric motorcycle racing ranks.

This weekend MotoCzysz will defend their status against the serious competition of Steve Atlas aboard the Brammo Empulse, Steve Rapp aboard the Mission Motors Mission R and Lightning Motors. Steve Rapp set the Laguna Seca electric motorcycle lap record earlier this year at the Refuel event but Brammo beat them out when it came to completing the most laps.

eCRP and Munch Racing made the trip across the pond to be on track battling for a spot on the podium. It seems the other bikes have them outgunned in outright horsepower but power management is a big part of electric motorcycle racing so these teams should not be counted out. The stunning eCRP 1.4 is running the proven dual Agni motor setup with Shelina Moreda in the saddle. 2010 TTXGP World Champions Munch Racing have a proven record of consistently strong finishes dating back to the 2009 TTXGP at Isle Of Man. They raced the Mountain Course under the name XXL Racing. They will be fielding a new bike after their last one burst into flames in a recent TTXGP race.

Team Moto Electra and Thad Wolff will also be on the grid. These guys have lots of track time over the last 3 years of ebike racing and have had some very strong finishes.

There are also some familiar names battling in the TTX75 Class. See the full grid below.

Vote for your favorite to win here.

Best of luck to everyone racing. I wish I could be there!

# Rider Nat. Machine Team Class
7 Manzano Marcellino SPA LGN Racing LGN Racing Team FIM/TTXGP
11 Czysz Michael USA MotoCzysz  E1pc MotoCzysz FIM/TTXGP
17 Rapp Steve USA Mission Mission Motors –  TTX FIM/TTXGP
18 Schless Ely USA Proto  Moto Pro Moto Racing – TTX TTX75
37 Wolff Thad USA Moto Electra Moto Electra – TTX FIM/TTXGP
48 Brannetti Alessandro ITA eCRP 1.4 CRP Racing FIM/TTXGP
49 Himmelmann Matthias GER Münch TTE Münch Racing Team FIM/TTXGP
58 Atlas Steve USA Brammo  Empulse Brammo Racing – TTX FIM/TTXGP
80 Barnes Michael USA Lightning Lightning Motorcycles – TTX FIM/TTXGP
88 Hannas Michael USA Lightning Lightning Motorcycles – TTX TTX75
96 Kluge Kenyon USA Zero S Zero Motorcycles – TTX TTX75
93 Moreda Shelina USA eCRP 1.4 CRP Racing FIM/TTXGP

Image Credit: Mission Motors

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2011 TT Zero Results


Post race interview below.

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Is MotoCzysz Showing All Their TT Zero Cards?

There has been extensive coverage of the new 2011 MotoCzysz e1pc that will be piloted by TT veteran Michael Rutter. With the 2011 TT Zero moved to tomorrow due to rain it gives us more time to speculate and anticipate how the race will unfold.

Here is what we know based on posts from across the eBike blogosphere…

1) The 2011 e1pc sounds sick and looks silly fast compared to the competition. Practice data proves the bike is a lot faster than the rest of the competition.

2) The 2011 e1pc has radical, out-of-the-airbox design with both front and rear shocks under the “tank”.

3) Reigning TT Zero champion, two time MotoCzysz TT rider and cool guy Mark Miller will most likely get beat by electric new comer Michael Rutter on the 2011 e1pc.

Here is what some know but others may have missed…

1) On Facebook, Mark Miller mentioned he anticipates a battle with Rutter. This is interesting considering point #1 above.

2) Mark Miller is said to have thought he was low on juice during TT practice and was holding back. (via @brammofan in HFL comments)

3) Michael Rutter said in a Manx Radio interview that he was doing 142 mph at 7,000 RPM. Top speed achieved was 150 mph. The motor revs to 10,000 RPM. Was Rutter holding back? Could a gearing change make him faster accelerating up to speed and produce a faster lap time?

We could have a better battle to watch read about than we anticipate.

Don’t rule out Lightning Motors and Ecotricity for a podium spot. They have been much quieter about how practice sessions went and may have tricks up their sleeve to improve performance.

Oh btw, a TT racer on Facebook said TT legend and 2nd place Superstock finisher John McGuiness wants to ride an electric bike next year. Leccy Fever is spreading!

UPDATE: HFL published a great interview with Michael Czysz that explains a lot of the “cards” he might be holding. Seems Rutter is going as fast as he can while conserving energy needed to finish. Czysz also confirms McGuiness’ interest in riding an electric next year.

read more

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