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Video Infers Zero S Will Soon Get More Power

Zero Motorcycles posted a video of a guy from the Engineering department doing a burn out on a Zero S. The info on the video says it’s “a test of more powerful and unreleased powertrain.” I contacted Zero and they told me they recycled all the powdered rubber from the test and the smoke was […]

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Phil Smage Playing Indoors On The Zero MX

The Smage bros. are two of those multi-talented guys you love to hate. If it has two wheels they can probably ride it better than you. Yeah, I’m sure it’s hard work that got them there but saying it’s heredity makes me feel better about my riding skills. LP Motocross recently filmed Phil Smage on […]

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Zero S Test Ride Review

A chilly, overcast November afternoon in the corn fields of Illinois set the perfect stage for my first meeting with the Zero S. I had been on the fence about the styling of the S but now that I’ve ridden it it seems the designer was truly inspired. The white flowing lines of the bodywork […]

A Video Tour of Zero Motorcycles HQ With Neal Saiki

*faircompanies recently visited Zero Motorcycles HQ and founder Neal Saiki gave them a tour of the facility. In the video we get a first look at a Zero DS with hard bags mounted and see the compact assembly line first hand. Neal also gives his thoughts on how the electric motorcycle industry will progress as […]

Motorcross Ready 2009 Zero MX Can Now Be Yours

Gene Banman, CEO of Zero sent out a letter yesterday stating the Zero MX is now shipping. The Zero MX is a beefed up version of Zero’s X. The X is very light tipping the scales at a claimed 151 lbs. The light weight is the result of a design philosophy that keeps everything as light as […]

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Zero Redefines Dual Sport With The Electric Zero DS

Zero Motorcycles added the Zero DS to its fast growing product line. It is built on the Zero S supermoto platform and has similar specs. A 17″ knobby front tire replaces the S models 16” front. The 16” rear wheel wears a 90/10 street/dirt tire and the front has a DOT legal 50/50 tire. The […]

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