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Quantya Enters EV Charging Market And Unveils vRone Scooter

Swiss electric motorcycle manufacturer Quantya SA announced plans to enter the home charging business to diversify their product offerings, aid their push into fleet sales, and gain market share. The Electrant charging station and vRone scooter are being developed in collaboration with the Swiss organization, vonRoll Industries. The vRone looks to be a progression of […]

Electric Drive Smokes The Gassers At Mini Moto SX 2010

Quantya and Zero dominated the 150cc class against gas powered bikes during the 2010 Mini Moto SX. Drew Gosselaar took first on a Quantya MX followed by 4 Zero MX electrics. Jimmy Lewis of Dirt Rider was riding a gas bike in the race and mentioned it was obvious the electrics were going to smoke […]

Quantya Unveils Squter P1 Scooter And MMX Motocross Bike

Quantya is unveiling a new electric scooter called the Squter and a mini MX bike called the MMX at Swiss-Moto in Messe Zurich today. Both utilize the 40 Ah battery similar to the Strada and Track but the Squter will use a 74 Volt nominal system that was rumored to be in development for a […]

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Quantya Snow X Prototype In Development

Quantya is experimenting with a prototype snowbike called the Quantya Snow X. The Snow X is a Quantya Track with what appears to be something similar to an Explorer Smart All Terrain System fitted. The system consists of a specially designed ski attached to the forks and a snowmobile-like track attached to the swing arm. […]

Quantya Snow Bike Prototype

Quantya USA posted pics of a snow bike they are working on. Details beyond the pictures are slim but it is basically a Quantya MX with a snowmobile inspired track where the rear wheel would be and a ski where the front wheel usually sits. The bike is being developed and tested in by Quantya […]

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Ride A Quantya At The 2009 NEC Show

Quantya UK will be at the 2009 NEC bike show this year. The Carole Nash International Motorcycle and Scooter Show runs from 11/27 to 12/6 and is the largest motorcycle show in Great Britan. Quantya UK Ltd. Director Ian Mitchell-Innes wants to demonstrate to motorcycle enthusiasts that electric motorcycles are a viable replacement to their […]