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Sherco SE Electric Enduro At EICMA 2011

Last week was a great week for electric motorcycle enthusiasts. We saw an impressive stream of electrified motorcycle pictures coming from EICMA and the Honda RCE teasers. However, you had to have your eyes on the European moto blogs to pick up on the Sherco SE Electric enduro. Now the EVOLT BULL1 may ring a bell for those watching […]

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Adam Raga Rides Gas Gas TXT-E At EICMA *Video*

Gas Gas had their TXT-E on display at EICMA. As mentioned in a previous post it is said to be planned for production. Mike Werner snapped some pics of the Gas Gas electric trials bike at EICMA 2011 and Trail World found the video below of Adam Raga showing what an electric trials bike can do […]

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Xinling e-Motor Electric China Bike

My mind is still spinning from a recent trip into the Chinese motorcycle forums. I blew hours looking through CIMA pics from 2010 and 2011 and this is some of what I have to show for it… Xinling (Xlmco) made every effort to make this Xinling E-Motor electric motorcycle look like it’s gas burning brother. From […]

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snowXbike Snow Bike Developed For snowXpark Concept

snowXpark is a snow bike riding park and rental concept developed by Adrian Barmettler and Silvan Studer. The idea is to designate a trail circuit at ski resorts for motorized electric snow bikes similar to the Quantya Snow X. snowXpark developed the 15 hp, 22 mph snowXbike for this purpose by converting a Snow Hawk […]

Electric Cruisers Get No Love, Not Even On eBay

The number of companies competing for the electric chopper and cruisers market does not seem anywhere near as large as the number of companies wanting you to buy their scooters, dirtbikes and sportbikes. OCC built the Siemens Electric chopper (“the Smart Chopper”) which you can’t get unless you are a popular charity. Only two companies […]

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Stealth Electric Bomber, A Two Wheeled Identity Crisis

Quick, what has two wheels, handlebars, a motor and goes over 40 mph? A motorcycle – wrong! Sorry, that was not fair. I left out pedals and crank arms. So OK, now guess what it is? A moped – wrong again! Ok, enough with the semi-cleverish intro. I’m talking about electric mountain bikes. Big travel […]

PMW Shocker Spooked By Recession

Depending on who you ask the recession can be a catalyst for innovation or a good reason to fall back on your core business. Mission Motors feels the recession will allow them to get a jump on the big 4 Japanese motorcycle brands in pioneering the growing electric motorcycle segment. Harley on the other hand […]

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Moto Ponco Folding Electric Scooter

I have to admit I have never heard of the Moto Ponco before and can’t find much information about it. It appears to be an electric scooter in a solid plastic shell with foot pegs, handlebars and seat that fold into the shell to achieve a more compact storable size. Total weight is 80 lbs.

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