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Zero Motorcycles Marketing VP Scott Harden On Pit Pass Radio

Zero Motorcycles recently signed on motorsports industry veteran Scott Harden as Vice President of Marketing. Harden is not the first guy with big motorcycle brand experience to go to an electric motorcycle manufacturer. He joins former Bueller Abe Askenazi who Zero brought on in February to be VP of Engineering. Another notable ICE veteran to […]

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US Highland Executives Killed In Plane Crash

Today, US Highland founder Mats Malmberg, Director of Operations Damian Roddich and COO Chase Bales died in a plane crash at Tulsa International Airport. Our sincerest condolences go out to US Highland and the families of these men. The three of them had been a part of launching one of the most aggressive US powersports companies in history, including […]

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Electric Moto Taps All Wheel Drive Expert Steve Christini

Last we heard from Electric Moto pictures had surfaced of an ATK/Cannondale based prototype electric motorcycle. Now it appears Electric Moto is bringing Steve Christini to assist in making Electric Moto a serious competitor in the Electric Motorcycle industry. Steve has extensive industry knowledge including a very unique two wheel drive technology that has been […]

TTXGP Pays Teams To Race Electric Motorcycles Via TEO

It’s been one week since TTXGP founder Azhar Hussain announced the latest of multiple innovations that make up the TTXGP electric motorcycle race series called Trust.Egrandprix.Org (aka TEO). Azhar’s fight against 2 major e-Race series to capture the attention of electric race teams has not been an easy one but he keeps implementing new ways […]

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More Doors Opening For Electric

The first doors to open for electric drive powersports were a long time coming. Activists in touch with the environment have been pushing for ways to reduce carbon emissions for decades. In the late 90’s, frustrations mounted as the EV1 came and went. Engineers and tinkerers have been building and racing electrics for years. In […]

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Electric Cruisers Get No Love, Not Even On eBay

The number of companies competing for the electric chopper and cruisers market does not seem anywhere near as large as the number of companies wanting you to buy their scooters, dirtbikes and sportbikes. OCC built the Siemens Electric chopper (“the Smart Chopper”) which you can’t get unless you are a popular charity. Only two companies […]

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MotoCzysz Teams With Bajaj On “Dream” Project

MotoCzysz has been said to be in talks with a major manufacturer on a hybrid electric motorcycle. It turns out it is India based Bajaj Auto and they are working on a “clean sheet design” of a “Next Generation Automobile”. MotoCzysz and Bajaj both have a lot of varied experience in the motorcycle industry. Bajaj […]

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Electric Motorcycles And Powersports On Twitter

I’ll tell you what;  I have a lot of admiration for full and part time bloggers. It is not easy to crank out one post a day much less 2, 3 or 4. AutoBlogGreen, David Herron, Environmoto, Brammo Fan, Asphalt and Rubber and others are all rock’n it in the 2 wheeled ev world with great posts. […]

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Who’s Idea Was The iPhone Dashboard?

MotoCzysz captured the attention of motorcycle and gadget geeks a few weeks ago when they displayed pictures of their E1pc Digital Superbike sporting an iPhone dashboard. Who could help linking to something so cool and practical and showing all your friends? The picture received a lot of attention. I finally sat down this morning to […]

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