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Tom Miceli’s Ion Electric Sportbike

The Ion Sportbike is the creation of Asheville North Carolina industrial designer Tom Miceli. The bike was designed and built in “one semester” and was recently on display at the S.E.E expo where at least on lucky guy was given a chance to ride it. The prototype bike’s design incorporates a full coverage fairing and […]

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Team Norton Electra At The 2009 AMA eGrandPrix

In the days preceding the 2009 AMA eGrandPrix electric motorcycle race at Mid Ohio I covered Brian Richardson’s Norton Electra. It turns out Brian was busy in the weeks preceding the event teaming up with the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Lab at James Madison University. I had the pleasure of speaking with Brian and Rob Prins, […]

Brian Richardson’s Norton Electra

Brian Richardson always dreamed of owning a Norton. In 2008 he could not buy one new so he took a 1966 slimline featherbed frame, a brushless AC Motor capable of 50 HP and 100 pound-feet of torque and built an all electric Norton Electra. He finished it off with a 1957 MV Augusta/Norton dustbin faring […]

Red Valley Motorsport Amplux

Tony Helmholt took a 1975 Yamaha RD250 with a blown motor and began working on converting it to electric. The Amplux uses a 36V Etek motor, three 12 volt lead acid batteries and a 6 speed gear box to achieve 91 mph top speed and a 24 mile range. It has a fully programmable speed controller […]

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