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Help Resuscitate the Electric Car | Plug Shocking Barack

Brammo Inc is an electric motorcycle company. Today 2 guys are riding Brammo electric motorcycles from Detroit to Washington DC and hoping to meet with Barack Obama to present him with a solution to decrease US dependence on oil for transportation. In Shocking Barack’s own words… Our plan is to retrace the route of the […]

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Brammo + iPod Rider Community In Planning?

I really wanted to not do any more Brammo posts this week but they make that very difficult when they post teasers like this to twitter… The Brammo boys (head of design and mechanical engineering) make a trip to Nike for a product development presentation at Nike HQ on Friday Now what would they be […]

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Brammo Scooter Details Emerge

Just last month Brammo rolled out their all electric Enertia to two Oregon Best Buy locations. Last week the first Enertia was delivered to a customer in Iowa. Now new details are emerging on one of the hinted next products of Brammo. Asphalt And Rubber recently got a sneak peak at what Brammo has dubbed […]

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Brammo Logo Design Down to Two

After a controversial decision to crowd source their new logo it looks like Brammo is down to two designs. Earlier this summer the CP+B interns’ attempts at designing a logo for Brammo fell short so contest was started on Crowd Spring allows a company to post requirements for a design and allows designers to […]

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Best Buy – Your Local Brammo Enertia Dealer

After many years of planning and development the all electric Brammo Enertia is now for sale at the Cascade Station Best Buy in Portland, Oregon. Honestly with all the media buzz and Brammo’s participation in the TTXGP at Isle Of Man there were times I forgot the bike was not already available. As always, BrammoFan […]

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Brammo Enertia Dual Sport In Planning?

Does Brammo have a dual sport version of the Enertia planned? No official word yet but it looks like Brammo’s designer Brian Wismann is having some fun playing in the dirt with his. The all electric Enertia comes stock with very dirtbike-like wide foot pegs. Apparently there is little vibration generated by motor since they […]

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CP+B Brammo Interns Video

On May 27 2009 Brammo won an eBay auctionfor 38 interns for 3 months from Crispin Porter + Bogusky. Not long after the fledgling group of marketing professionals began posting pics, information and links to stories on their blogs and to twitter. They even leaked a few nice tidbits about Brammo that almost cost them their job. Lucky for […]

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Brammo Training The Geek Squad

There are only a few days left before the Brammo Enertia goes on sale at Best Buy at a select number of stores on the west coast. Part of the preparation involves training the Geek Squad to work on them when they need maintenance. No word yet on how much of electric motorcycle their tools […]

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Brammo Taps Weber Shandwick For PR

Brammo will be working with Weber Shandwick for public relations for their electric motorcycle company. Weber Shandwick has a strong background in clean technology and transportation with clients such as General Motors and Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies. The Brammo Enertia will go on sale in Oregon at Best Buy later this year. See full press […]

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Brammo Wins 38 Interns On Ebay

A favorite word in the Brammo camp is “disruptive”.  I am not sure exactly what CEO Craig Bramscher means by that.  If I had to guess I’d say it means they plan to turn the powersports electronics industry on it’s head by changing the way people think about motorcycles. Brammo is doing it’s share of […]

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