Lightning Motors At Love Ride With ATK

Richard Hatfield Riding Electric At Love Ride 2011

The 28th annual Love Ride happened last weekend in Glendale, CA with the usual lineup of motorcycle riding celebs supporting Autism Speaks,  including Jay Leno, Danny “Machete” Trejo, and Robert Patrick (Terminator Cop). ATK’s Frank White was there with his Autistic son Jeff. Curiously, another rising star of motorcycle racing’s coolest niche was there in the same tent as ATK: Richard Hatfield and his land speed record breaking Lightning electric race bike. Richard even rode the Flying Banana in the lead group with Leno and White, finishing with plenty of juice to spare. Is there something going on between ATK and Lightning? It appears there may be with both brands in the same tent and ATK’s interest in electric drive. Let the rumors fly… or be shot down if you all know better.

Motorcycle USA reports that Lightning’s production version of the superbike is in progress and there is a lot of interest. I’m assuming this is not just from the motorcycle riding public. With Polaris snuggling up to Brammo this week and KTM coming out next year with their electric freeride motorcycle you can bet other major manufacturers realize it’s time to get busy with electric drive.

Source: Motorcycle USA

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