The latest eKRAD Video And Some Specs

If you have been dreaming of a world where beautiful, scantily clad women roost on electric motorcycles, it appears you need to move to Germany. Electric motorcycle company eKRAD has photographic proof that at least one of said ladies exists. Judging by the look on her face, the bike is a blast to ride…she makes it look so easy.

But hey, let’s talk about the eKRAD bikes. Youtube user mangusmayer has been teasing electric motorcycle enthusiasts for the last few years with videos and pictures of a nice looking electric enduro (aka “C-KRAD”) and supermoto (aka “S-KRAD”). Magnus also posted video of Germany’s first electric ATV set up with street tires spinning donuts on pavement.

Magnus’ latest video (see below) shows the eKRAD enduro (aka C-KRAD) climbing hills and moving down a dirt straight at a pretty decent speed. No word on the top speed of the bike but I did manage to get some specs from Mr. Mayer.

The 20 Ah 60 Ah Lithium Polymer battery pack powers the 35 kilowatt (peak) motor with a 7274 Volt system. This equates to a 1.4 kWh (72 volts x 20 Ah / 1000) 4.4 kWh (74 volts x 60 Ah / 1000) pack. Based on the 211 pound weight of the bike and the extra rolling resistance of the 21 inch front and 18 inch rear wheels, the eKRAD will be shorter in range than the competition have a huge range advantage over the competition. The Zero MX (172 lbs and 2 kWh) and Quantya Track (195 lbs and 1.9 kWh) both use wheels that are smaller and spin up to speed using less power.

Of course, the full-sized wheels and MX spec suspension are something dirtbike riders will want to see long term for their ability to more easily roll over rough terrain, not to mention the greater selection of tire choices. The eKRAD is set up with MX spec WP forks.

The eKRAD team recently added a new digital display showing the bikes speed, voltage and other metrics.

No word from eKRAD or Magnus about when the eKRAD bikes will be availiable and for how much. Check out the latest video of the eKRAD C-KRAD below. I hope to bring you more information as it comes available.

Source: eKRAD

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