Who Won The MO Electric Motorcycle Shootout?

Zero S vs. Brammo Enertia vs. Native GPRS Dyno Run

Zero S vs. Brammo Enertia vs. Native S Dyno Run - Image Credit: Motorcycle.com

Last week Motorcycle.com published a shootout review of the Native S, Brammo Enertia and Zero S testing their abilities in a commuter setting. Ah, you lucky dogs who can just take a ride over to Hollywood Electrics. Based on their criteria for the test they chose the right winner in the Brammo Enertia. However, a few details leave the Zero S with a very nice second place that will probably sell them a lot of bikes.

First off, the dyno run graphic comparing hoursepower of the Agni 95 powered Zero S vs. Enertia and Native S is tough to ignore. This is the first dyno comparison I have seen between the three bikes. Add to that the video showing the Zero S pulling away from the other bikes (jump to 3:30 into the video) is even more persuasive. Could I live with poor brakes and suspension for the extra power? Currently none of my friends ride electric motorcycles but if they did it would be a no-brainer. My ego is simply not strong enough to see friends gap me like that at the expense of $2000. Of course, commuters don’t care about that kind of stuff …right?

I don’t want to take anything away from the Brammo Enertia, it deserved to win the shootout. At the same time charts and video showing “fastest” are really tough to ignore.

Hit the jump to see the video.

Source: Motorcycle.com

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