TTXGP Round 2 At Road America

TTXGP’s next stop is in the beautiful rolling hills of Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin at Road America. Seven teams are confirmed for the race. It appears Team Agni will attempt to defend their crown alone without Zero Motorcycles for the second round of the US TTXGP. Also, Zoe Rem who rode for Pril Racing at Infineon will replace first place finisher Shawn Higbee as the pilot for the Agni bike. Richard Hatfield and his Lightning Motors team are back with rider Michael Barnes who put up an excellent fight against the Zero Agni bike. Third place finisher Mike Hannas and the Electric Race Bikes team are on site looking for another podium but will be looking at some stiff competition.

Electric Motorsport and Team Electra had issues with a set screw in their AC20 motors preventing them from showing their best at Infineon. Look for Thad Wolff on the Electra to put some pressure on the Electric Race Bikes team. Electric Motorsport has been building electric motorcycles for a long time and finished first in the Open Class at TTXGP in 2009 at the Isle of Man. Don’t count them out for a podium finish on their R6 conversion. Jennifer Bromme and the Werkstatt Racing Mavizen finished fourth at Infineon and could also put pressure on Mike Hannas for third.

In contrast to Infineon, Road America is a longer track at ~4 miles and has a very long straight that begins with a long uphill climb. Energy conservation will play a greater role as riders will have to weigh the benefits of full throttle down the straight with the risk of running out of juice before the finish.

If you’re camping on the track on Saturday night, shoot me a tweet or an email. The Wisconsin folks know how to party and not much sleeping happens. You can count on many beverages, smoking plywood and vulgar displays of petrol abuse before you fall asleep to the sound of liter bike rev limiters in the background. Love me some Elkhart Lake.

TTXGP At Road America Team List

No. 11, Team Electra – Rider:  Thad Wolff
Model: 1966 Norton Atlas
Top Speed: 120 mph
Range: 80 miles (Street) and 25 miles racing (we hope)
Weight: 180kg
Battery type: Lithium Polymer
Drivetrain: AC induction motor producing 50 bhp and
156Nm of torque 118 volts nominal
Infineon result: DNF
After a great practice and promising start, the Electra
suffered motor failure during the third lap of the race
and did not finish. Thad is determined to prove this
Antique electric vehicle has what it takes at Round 2.

No 15. Electric Race Bikes – Rider; Mike Hannas
Top Speed: 130mph
Weight: 160kg
Battery type: LiFePo4, 72 Volts
Horse power equivalent: kWh adjustable from 3.6 to
Infineon Result: 3rd place.
Time: 26:44.237, 10 laps, fastest lap: 2:08.587

No. 16 Square Wave Racing – Rider; John Wild
Top Speed: 120 mph
Range: 40 miles at race pace
Weight: 190kg
Battery type: LiFePo
Horse power equivalent: 35hp at the shaft ‐ 8kWh
Infineon result: 26:21.047, 8 Laps, fastest lap: 2:44.726

No. 20 – Rider; James Pooler
Former Yamaha R1 AMA Race bike
Top Speed: 110 mph
Range: 40 miles
Weight: 205kg
Battery type: LiFePo4
Horse power equivalent: 46hp – 8kWh
Infineon Result: 26:24.765, 8 laps, fastest lap: 2:12.375

No.22 Agni Motors (formally Zero Agni) Rider: Zoe Rem
60mph: 6 seconds
Top Speed: 120 mph (193 km/h)
Range: 50 miles @ 110 mph (80km @ 177 km/h)
Weight: 551 lbs / 250kg
Battery type: Lithium Polymer
Horse power equivalent: 73.7hp (55kW)
Torque: 88.5 ft/lbs (120Nm)
kWh: 10
Infineon Result: Winner
Time: 25:33.626, 11 laps, fastest lap: 1:56.98

No. 23 Werkstatt – Rider: Jennifer Bromme
Top speed: 130 mph
Weight: 170kg
Battery type: Lithium Polymer
Horse power equivalent – 80bhp
kWh: 7.5
Infineon result: 26:57.716 10 laps, fastest lap: 2:15.103

No. 80 Lightning Motors – Rider; Michael Barnes.
Top speed: 166 mph
Battery type: A123Systems
Horse power or equivalent: motor salvaged from an EV1
Infineon Result: 2nd place;
Time: 25:51.784, 10 laps, fastest lap: 2:01.457

Source: eGrandPrix

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  1. Written by travis
    on June 4, 2010 at 3:31 pm

    Actually, I think all of the people using the AC15/AC20 motors had problems with that setscrew coming loose either during practice or during the actual race.

    When I put my motor back together this last weekend, I threw some heavy duty threadlock on the setscrews.

    Its a shame, because its a pretty good motor.

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