Electric Drive Smokes The Gassers At Mini Moto SX 2010

Quantya and Zero dominated the 150cc class against gas powered bikes during the 2010 Mini Moto SX. Drew Gosselaar took first on a Quantya MX followed by 4 Zero MX electrics. Jimmy Lewis of Dirt Rider was riding a gas bike in the race and mentioned it was obvious the electrics were going to smoke the gassers after the first practice session. Jimmy is no stranger to riding dirtbikes fast. He was the second fastest on an ICE bike beating the likes of Damon Huffman with his BBR Honda CRF150F.

Check out Jimmy’s comments on DirtRider.com on how much the Zero and Quantya bikes have improved over the last few years.

In the end, the gas bikes got smoked. I was pretty surprised because just a year ago, this would have not been the case, even with the restrictions on the gas bikes (stock frame, carb, cylinder). But it was evident from the first practice that the gas bikes would be outgunned on power, not to mention suspension and ground clearance.

If you have any questions for Jimmy about the race he is answering them in the comments of his article. Lewis went on to speculate that the 2011 Mini Moto SX may have new rules to make the gas vs electric races more competitive. Considering the rapid progress by Quantya and Zero and the pending entry of the KTM Freeride that may be a good idea.

Nice work Quantya and Zero!

2010 MiniMoto SX Electric vs. Gas Results

Finish,Brand,Name,City/State,Moto 2
1,QUA,Drew Gosselaar,Juniper Hills CA,1
2,ZER,Chris Dvoracek,2
3,ZER,Sebastian Tortelli,3
4,ZER,Blake Mitchell,Sun Valley CA,4
5,ZER,Johner Faulkner,5
6,Kaw,Jay Maloney,Clupepper VA6
7,BBR,Jimmy Lewis,Irvine CA,7
8,QUA,Damon Huffman,Valencia CA,8
9,BBR,Scott Burnworth,Jamul CA,9
10,QUA,Brian Roth,Orangevale CA,10
11,ZER,Tj Russell,11
12,QUA,David Lodermeier,Sacramento CA12
13,Hon,Brad King,Riverside CA13
14,BBR,Duane Brown,Auburn WA14
15,Hon,Matthew Simmers,Alexandria VA,15
16,Kaw,Ricky Lee,Palm Beach Gardens FL,16
17,Hon,Derek Cappiello,Portola Valley CA,17
18,BBR,Steve Lazar,Quartz Hill CA,18
19,Hon,Brian Childers,Las Vegas NV,19
20,Hon,Chris Corum,Costa Mesa CA,20
DNF,QUA,Casey Hinson,Clovis CA,DNF
DNF,ZER,Mica Shepard,DNF
DNF,Kaw,Joshua Magill,Nampa ID,DNF

Source: MiniMoto SX

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