SWIGZ Brings Traction Control To The Next Level For TTXGP

The Big Brains Behind The SWIGZ.com Pro Racing Team

In the latest issue of Road Racing World Magazine, Chip Yates reveals more details about the SWIGZ Pro Racing electric superbike Chip will be running in the TTXGP North American series. In the team’s quest for 600cc gas bike lap times, Chip explains some very advanced power management and power delivery logic that will be in place on his bike.

MoTeC Advanced Central Logger

MoTeC Advanced Central Logger brings traction control to a new level.

The technology is implemented using a MoTeC Advanced Central Logger (ACL) which serves as the brain that ties all the electrical systems on the bike together. It has 1 GB of storage, 2 CAN buses and 30 channels that gather information on the motor, battery pack, coolant temperature and other variables that might affect performance of the bike or signal a problem. The ACL can store data from the race and also allow the rider to switch between multiple power maps to tune power delivery and KERS / regenerative braking on the fly.

Obviously this technology will grant the SWIGZ team an advantage over other bikes if track conditions change during a race. If it starts raining, Chip can switch to a a less aggressive power delivery map. Or, if his tires start to fade, he might want to do the same. Chip explains that this removes concerns from the rider’s mind and will lead to fewer mistakes.

That all sounds amazing but here is the kicker: As Chip exits the apex of a corner he can wack the throttle open and the ACL will analyze lean angle of the bike, depth of discharge of the battery pack, time left in the race, effectiveness of KERS and any other factors and put down the right amount of power for optimal acceleration. Sounds like the MIT grad aerospace engineers that the SWIGZ team brought on are earning their money.

As mentioned in previous articles, the SWIGZ team has a lawyer hard at work patenting the technology they are developing and it is easy to see why. This kind of functionality has big potential in the powersports consumer market for street bikes, dirtbikes and beyond.

Barring any technical difficulties in the complex setup, SWIGZ.com Pro Racing looks like a good bet for a podium finish. It sounds like Chip has even more up his sleeve so stay tuned for more over the next few weeks as we count down to race 1 of TTXGP at Infineon.

Source: Road Racing World Magazine (Print)

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  1. Written by Christian
    on May 5, 2010 at 11:42 am


  2. Written by skadamo
    on May 5, 2010 at 11:48 am

    Haha, guess we will see in a few weeks. It all sounds very… prone to error. I hope they pull it all off and finish the race with no problems. Would be cool!

  3. Written by Harry Mallin
    on May 5, 2010 at 12:25 pm

    Fly by wire technology. No rider necessary?

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  5. […] Chip plans to go easy on the throttle. He won’t have to think too hard as the MoTeC ACL is programmed to decide how much power to put down so Chip can concentrate on picking the best lines and finish the race with […]

  6. Written by David Herron (vIsForVoltage)
    on May 10, 2010 at 1:53 pm

    Methinks the rules require a rider be on the bike, what do you think Mr. eMotoRules?

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