Want To Sponsor An Electric Motorcycle Race Team?

Jennifer Bromme of Werkstatt - Photo via Wired.com

Jennifer Bromme of Werkstatt - Photo via Wired.com

Hopefully you all will be attending the first race of the 2010 TTXGP season at Infineon next month. If you live on the North American continent a few hundred bucks should pay for a plane ticket or gas to get there and watch as electric racing continues to gain momentum. (Here is a $5 discount on tickets)

How much cooler would it be if you helped sponsor a team on the grid? Jennifer Bromme and the Werkstatt Motorcycles race team are trying to raise money so they can enter an electric motorcycle in the race. If you have the funds and the desire to play a part in a electric motorcycle race team please consider donating. For as little as $20 you are in and with a $40 donation you get a t-shirt. To sweeten the deal I will take a picture of everyone I see at Infineon with a Workstatt shirt and post it on Plugbike.com. How can you pass that up?

Thinking twice? It’s Earth Day, you should do it. If you pull the trigger tweet me on @plugbike and I will be sure the huge electric motorcycle twittosphere knows about your donation. Oh wow, how good can it get? ;-)

Have a look at this Wired article and the Werkstatt Racing sponsorship site below to get more information and donate to the cause.

Source: Werkstatt TTXGP Via: Wired

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