Quantya And Zero (?) To Battle Gas Bikes At 2010 MiniMoto SX

Mike Metzger catches air on the Quantya MX at MiniMoto SX

Mike Metzger catches air on the Quantya MX at MiniMoto SX via: HFL

Quantya riders Brian Roth and David Lodermeier will be back in 2010 to defend their 1, 2 finish in last years Mini Moto SX. Roth rode the Quantya MX to first place in 2009 upsetting the more powerful Zero mounted riders who were favorites for the win. Lodermeier, an employee of Quantya and ex-Pro MX rider took second. Alexander Smith took third on a Zero MX.

MiniMoto SX, which will be held in Las Vegas on May 6th and 7th, is known as the “biggest minibike race in the world”. It is a high profile event that attracts riders like Mike Metzger who took 4th on a Quantya. Like last year, 2010 should be good exposure for electric.  The 2009 MMSX had an “Electric Bike” class that ran on it’s own. For 2010 Quantya and Zero riders will be running in the MM16A Stock/Mod play bike class against traditional air cooled, gas powered bikes of 100cc to 150cc’s displacement.

Lodermeier feels the Quantya bikes will put up a strong fight against the ICE bikes. Zero had a very strong showing in a French enduro event last year beating 4 Quantya teams and many gas powered machines with 450cc engines; much stronger competition than the play bikes they will face at MMSX. Adding to the possible electric advantage is the lack of rules preventing Zero or Quantya from running batteries that are stronger than stock and altering power delivery. The Quantya’s ship with max current set to 65%. It can safely run at 85% current which will add to the bikes power. No doubt Zero has some similar hidden potential.

At first glance this should be a cake walk for the electrics. However, making predictions has proven to be a loosing proposition in electric racing over the last 12 months. Team Agni beat well funded, faster bikes at the Isle of Man. Quantya beat the more powerful Zero’s at the 2009 Mini Moto SX. Quantya riders finished ahead of the lone Zero entry at the 2009 FIM Eco Enduro. Reliability and consistancy will play a part in the 2010 match-up as the electrics will need to qualify for the main event just like the ICE bikes.

So far only Zero and Quantya bikes are eligible to race in the series but MMSX will consider approving more manufacturers. No official word from Zero whether or not they will be at the race but they are one of the sponsors so it would be a surprise if they did not attempt to claim the electric MX title. They have already shown their commitment to racing by entering the 2010 TTXGP series that kicks off in May at Infineon Raceway.

Pitbikes and MiniMotos are the current darlings of backyard motorsports. Quiet, cool running electrics have a lot of potential to take over the playground and they have strong potential to succeed in this application of electric motorcycle racing. Stay tuned for more information as it comes available.

Have a look at the video below of the 2007 dual between SX star Jeff Emig and Dirt Rider’s Jimmy Lewis on Zero Electricross (pre Zero X) bikes.

Source: MiniMoto SX

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