KTM Freeride Prototypes To Be Unveiled In Tokyo – UPDATED

2011 KTM Electric Freeride Motorcycle
KTM announced it will unveil two zero emissions prototype motorcycles at the 2010 Tokyo Motorcycle Show Tokyo Motor Show in 10 days. In 2009 we saw an electric motorcross prototype that was said to be planned for 2010 but production was pushed. Looking at the picture it seems there will be a model set up for the street as well. It sounds like we will hear more on March 26th, stay tuned.

See the full KTM announcement after the break.

The Zero Emission Motorbike from KTM.

The KTM FREERIDE at the Tokia Motorcycle Show 2010. Starting on March 26th, exclusively on www.ktm.com!
Under the title “Freeride” KTM will present two near-series prototypes at the 2010 Tokyo Motorcycle Show, which in one year’s time will transfer the “Ready to Race” sporting spirit of the brand into a series model fit for the 21st century.

With its first zero emission motorcycle, the world’s leading producer of offroad motorcycles has developed an electrically driven sports motorcycle that proves that riding fun and environmental sustainability need not be in conflict with one another.

KTM E-Bike on display in 2009

KTM E-Bike on display in 2009

Thanks for the tip Peter!


Peter sent me some enhanced pics of the two bikes…

Source: KTM Picture Source: Clean MPG

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  1. Written by EnvironMoto
    on March 17, 2010 at 7:49 am

    Leaves one to ponder why KTM is the only mainstream IC motorcycle manufacturer to actively pursue a production electric motorcycle (not a scooter). From the looks of these enhanced photos, Zero and Quantya are going to have some competition! Great post, skadamo.

  2. Written by ludofrenchalpes
    on March 19, 2010 at 4:30 pm

    ET si……. kTM via BAJAJ … via motoczysz pour son pack D1g1tal Dr1ve “valise & moteur 240vlts // huile cérébrale ( oui oui + oui !! ; )
    pour une jolie “E-fournaise de neurones ” sur une plateforme de 450 EXC ….ou bien d’une RC8 ….. ??? mavizen ???
    pour rire ;) je pense que monsieur czysz pourrais en sourire .
    d’autres un peu moins …
    depuis mon pc , dans mon coin de montagnes des alpes :) , j’ai du mal à suivre tous ce “méli-mélo” amalgame soap-opéra de tournure aigre de compétions & championnats zéro-style
    en ce printemps , sur le net …
    mais il y à une réponse , que l’ont peut éviter de me suggérer … ;)
    : le premier qui passe la ligne ,gagne ! par ce qu’il est est le meilleur avec la meilleure machine ce jour la !
    je lui souhaite du VRAI champagne
    dans 10 ans seulement
    (une éternité pour d’autres ; )
    que deviendrons ces modèles ???

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  5. Written by Jamie morgan
    on March 31, 2012 at 4:44 am

    Deer sir
    I have an invention that completely eliminates the use of a chain to drive the rear wheal .It also has absolutly zero friction ..It would be perfect for the electric motorbike
    Would you be interested in having a look

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