A Cooler, More Colorful Zero Motorcycles Lineup For 2010

Today Zero rolled out their 2010 lineup of electric motorcycles. Most noticeable are the bold new graphics on all four models. The blue / black and red / black options are a big improvement on the white and black of 2009 although the Stormtrooper look is still an option.

Zero Z-Force Air Induction System

Zero Z-Force Air Induction System

The Zero S and DS now have the Z-Force Air Induction system added to the DC motor to keep it running cool and improving power. Some issues with the 2009 models have been addresses by adding higher mirrors to improve reward visibility and a Corbin seat that is sure to keep the cheeks happy.

The X and MX also get the bold new graphics treatment for 2010. In addition the front number plate on the dirt models is now flat and more conventionally shaped than last years. The front fender on the MX is also larger to keep flying mud under control and the bars are higher improving ergonomics.

I’m sure there are more improvements, drop us a comment if you see something I missed. The Zero website is full of pictures and videos but I included a few after the break.

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  1. […] I have used the Cycle World app a few times and it actually very good. They did not over do it trying to be to high tech and the content seems to be updated fairly regularly. Nice job by Zero for finding new ways to advertise their new 2010 product line. […]

  2. Written by xyz
    on March 12, 2010 at 10:58 pm

    New Zero will come with Agni Motors….

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