FIM Cuts Two Legs Of Current e-Power Series

The FIM cut Doha and Assen from it’s e-Power electric motorcycle racing programs list of 6 race venues. Keeping with e-Power tradition, FIM gave no reason for the decision. FIM claims interest from teams is high but it appears it’s not high enough to support six races in 2010.

In about 6 months the electric motorcycle racing world went from one high profile race in 2009 at the Isle Of Man to three competing organizations and an abundance of high profile of venues. Three crowns are up for the taking and it appears there is not enough incentive or teams to fight for all of them. In racing, the value of the crown is usually measured by the caliber of teams fighting for it.

It is inevitable that one crown will be the most coveted. With no official entries it seems ePower would be the least desirable but it is still too early to tell. Very few teams have signed on to any of the series other than TTXGP and it is unclear if they are exclusive to that series. To increase interest the FIM has offered €1000 (£875) for each rider in each race of e-Power.

Further complicating matters are vague stances from all three organizations (TT Zero, e-Power and TTXGP) on whether teams running in a competing series can also run their series. TT Zero will be held the same week as the second stop of TTXGP at Road America which makes competing in both events near impossible without multiple bikes, riders and support teams.

Today MotoCzysz, one of last years top Isle Of Man electric hopefuls confirmed participation in TT Zero for 2010. This is a big win for the Isle Of Man TT who is running the event and it’s Department of Lesure and Tourism who is promoting the event.

Source: Ivar

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  1. Written by IvarK
    on February 19, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    There’s enough speculation and rumours surrouding e-bike racing without me adding to it – but here goes anyway :)

    I don’t think low interest is the reason for not racing at Assen. It would’ve been the major event for North European (including German) teams.

  2. Written by skadamo
    on February 22, 2010 at 9:44 pm

    So it would have been too good? I think I’ve heard the rumor your hinting at.

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