Quantya Snow X Prototype In Development

Quantya is experimenting with a prototype snowbike called the Quantya Snow X. The Snow X is a Quantya Track with what appears to be something similar to an Explorer Smart All Terrain System fitted. The system consists of a specially designed ski attached to the forks and a snowmobile-like track attached to the swing arm. The prototype develompent started after Quantya supplyed electric drive to the snowXpark team for creation of the snowXbike.

Conventional dirtbikes do fine on ice and soft snow with ice screws installed. Once the snow gets packed and deep it doesn’t matter if your running a sand paddle. Once the front wheel digs in your weight goes forward and the back wheel looses traction. It becomes very hard to keep your momentum up and hold a line.

The ski and track on the Quantya snowbike are designed to tilt to optimize traction as the rider leans the bike. The wide, dual runner front ski and the rear tread provide a large surface are to keep the bike floating on top of the snow.  The tilting design and the large surface area combine to give a motorcycle like experience that a conventional snowmobile can’t provide.

Testing of the now prototype Quantya Snow X  is currently in progress. Quantya HQ in Switzerland are experimenting with different power and drive setups with the hope of having the bike available for sale by the fall of 2010 or earlier. No price is currently set.

Hit the break for video and pics of the Quantya Snow X.

For more information on how the ski and track is designed check out the following AD Boivin Explorer video…

Source: Quantya USA Facebook

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