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The TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki exists to tap the vast knowledge of the race enthusiast community to help shape electric motorcycle race rules for 2011. Of course we can’t assume the people who had a hand in writing the rules in the first place won’t want to have a say. I guess it makes sense that Craig Vetter would become a member of the wiki as he wrote the TTXGP and FIM streamlining rules for zero emissions racing.

If you click on “recent changes” in the left navigation of the wiki you will see the following…

27 January 2010
(User creation log); 23:25 . . Craig Vetter (Talk | contribs) New user account

Craig Vetter is a member of the TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki!

Why Is It A Big Deal To Have Vetter On Board?

Fifty years ago, the FIM banned the use of streamlining in motorcycle racing. They felt the high surface area of the fairing might cause instability in certain wind conditions and cause a rider to lose control of the bike. As a result, today’s race bikes are much slower and less efficient than they could be with proper streamlining. And of course, motorcycles designed to mimic race bikes now suffer lower fuel economy than they could achieve with a streamline influence.

Vetter's Image Of A Streamlined Electric

No one knows the benefits of good motorcycle aerodynamics better than the legendary Craig Vetter, the father of the equally iconic Windjammer windscreen. When the FIM started working with the TTXGP in 2009 to pen streamlining guidelines for their zero emission race series, Vetter became a key contributor and basically wrote the rules as they currently stand.

Considering Vetter’s history and high profile in the world of motorcycling, I was quite shocked to see Vetter does not have a page on Wikipedia. That’s not a big deal; he is a member of a more important wiki now. I guess he can always build himself a wikipedia page with all the wiki experience he will get over the next year helping fine tune the 2011 TTXGP rules. That is if David Herron and other Vetter fans do not get to it first.

For more information on streamlining see Craig’s article on TTXGP streamlining.

Source: TTXGP Technical Rules Wiki via: eMotoRules (Rules Wiki Moderator)

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