Electric Cruisers Get No Love, Not Even On eBay

Amp-Hog Electric Cruiser

The number of companies competing for the electric chopper and cruisers market does not seem anywhere near as large as the number of companies wanting you to buy their scooters, dirtbikes and sportbikes. OCC built the Siemens Electric chopper (“the Smart Chopper”) which you can’t get unless you are a popular charity. Only two companies come to mind that will sell you an electric chopper: Blind Spot Cycles will build you a cruiser from an existing rolling chassis starting at $5000. Or, for $24,900 you can buy an LIV Ryder from EV Innovations.

If none of these options fit your style or price range you can either build your own like WWC did  or buy a one on ebay.

A nice custom electric cruiser called the Amp-Hog is on eBay right now with a starting bid of $5499 and no takers yet. You might recognize it if you are a Popular Mechanics reader as it was featured in the July 2007 issue. The aircraft aluminum frame and wood accents make for a sharp looking bike that no one will mistake for gas powered. The bike is capable of a 10 to 20 mile range and over 60 mph from its LEMCO LEM200 motor and 72 volts of PC680 lead acid batteries. Unfortunately, the bike is not quite street legal on paper but it sounds like it’s close. Seems to be a fair price for a custom build, drag strip proven electric bike but no bids yet.

I’m sure we will see more electric chopper and cruiser options in the future. Why aren’t companies like Brammo, Zero, Quantya or even Harley building them now? I do see a lot of people starting out on small displacement cruisers for a first bike. I would think electric would be an even better choice with no gears, engine heat and little vibration.

What do you think? Did you build a cruiser on your own? If you did post a link in the comments, I would love to read about it.

Here is a video of WWC’s electric bobber in action.

Source: eBay via: ELMoto

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