Plugbike And Harry Mallin Talk Electric Motorcycles On EVcast

Plugbike on EVcast

As many of you probably know, EVcast is the podcast started by Bo Bennett and Ryan Levesque that covers the latest EV industry news. Over time it has grown to have multiple hosts and some amazing guests which brings the show 1000 unique downloads and 2500 listeners.

I was pretty nervous but jumped at the chance to be on the show and talk to Saturday’s host, Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, and with Harry Mallin of BrammoFan and eMotoRules. Public speaking is not my strong suit but hey, if you read my earlier posts it’s obvious blogging wasn’t either :D

Click the break to listen to the podcast.

If nothing else, you can laugh at or along with some of the things we say. Did you know there is a production 12 Volt, dual motor, Ducati electric available for purchase? I show it to the world in the first 15 minutes. Not enough for you? I’m not sure if Nikki edited out my mention of a certain animal’s habit of burying their feces. She had a great comeback so probably not. If she did chop it out, at least you can enjoy my typical American reaction to being asked if I think motorcycles will ever be banned. Harry has some classic lines too that are worth a listen but I won’t call him out here.

If nothing else, I hope Harry and I helped bring some more electric cagers over to the two wheeled side. Does Plug Bike have any new readers? If so, I would love to see you introduce yourself in the comments and give some feedback.

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skadamo of Plug Bike and Harry Mallin of eMotoRules and BrammoFan join Nikki on EVCast Podcast itunesclick to download this audio file

You can also subscribe (via iTunes) to Nikki’s other podcast, This Week In Energy.

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