TTXGP gets mugged on “The World According To Gary”

Gary Radnich, sports guy on KRON 4 News in San Francisco, chatted with Azhar Hussain about the upcoming TTXGP at nearby Infineon Raceway, May 14-16, 2010.  The race signals the start of the North American Championship Series of the TTXGP, and the first electric motorcycle race in the United States.  The TTXGP ran the first electric motorcycle race in history last June at the Isle of Man, during the TT races.

Radnich opened with “why do we need [electric motorcycle racing?]”

“We have a desperate need to push these technologies forward, and motorsport is really the fastest way of getting it from the lab to the road.”

Radnich asked if bike fans will notice differences in speed and noise.

“Gasoline bikes are really loud, but the noise is actually a function of how inefficient they really are.”

He continued on, mentioning that the bikes are fast, about 120 mph top speed, and “we’re here to provide a thrilling experience and build on it for years to come.”

Radnich closed by presenting a KRON mug to Azhar, “there’s no pollution in that mug.”

Here’s the video of the short interview, which was even shorter than planned due to San Francisco’s severe weather:

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