The Devil’s In The Details, 666 Goes Electric Racing

666 Racing Parts

"The Details"

If you are still reading after that title you are one of Plug Bike’s true fans. Thank you for your support!

666 Road Racing Ltd. announced they will be running a Mavizen TTX02 in the UK TTXGP electric motorcycle race series. The companies day job is manufacture of quality carbon fiber race parts with high durability and exceptional attention to detail. How does a carbon fiber parts company decide to get into racing?

As Nick Potts, 666 co-owner, former Motorcycle Endurance Championship racer and the planned 666 TTX02 rider puts it:

We have been working very closely with Mavizen on the carbon fiber electronics box, and have been so impressed with the way the guys are putting together the new bikes, that we knew this would be the bike for us to race with in 2010. The technology in the bike and the attention to detail is phenomenal, and getting one of the first bikes off the production line will give us maximum time to test the machine and get everything set up ready to race later in the year.

It appears the Mavizen TTX02 and the level playing field of TTXGP has created the prefect storm for 666 Road Racing Limited to field a race team, have some fun and improve their brand image. They had not been racing any ICE bike series so I have to wonder if they would have gone racing under any other circumstances.

A big reason for Azhar creating the new Mavizen and the TTX02 was to lower the barriers of entry for electric motorcycle race teams. That goal appears to have taken another step forward with the signing of 666. They now have the help of CRP Racing who just introduced an electric race bike for teams to buy and race. Combine all this with Mavizen’s recent announcement of factory race support service and eBike training and it is hard to imagine other motorsports suppliers might me thinking of taking the leap onto the track.

Source: eGrandPrix

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  1. Written by Brammofan
    on January 14, 2010 at 6:05 pm

    I loved the title! The conclusion that they might not have gone racing but for the TTX02 is interesting — wonder how many other teams will be saying (or not admitting) something similar.

  2. Written by EnvironMoto
    on January 19, 2010 at 11:22 am

    Being one who is not easily offended… great title! As does BrammoFan, I wonder what other teams or racers may be swayed to this side of the electric fence.

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