CRP Racing eCRP 1.0 First Look

CRP Racing eCRP 1.0 Picture

Azhar Hussain, Lord Drayson, Livia Cevolini (CRP Owner), Franco Cevolini (CRP Owner), Giampiero Testoni (CRP Partner)

The UK Minister of Science and Innovation, Lord Drayson took wraps off the Italian CRP eCRP 1.0 electric race bike at the 4th Annual MIA Cleaner Racing Conference at NEC, Birmingham. CRP Racing combined their strong race bike development background with race proven Team Agni electric drive technology to create a bike for teams who want to race in the TTXGP series. At this point the bike is exclusive to TTXGP and not available to race in the FIM ePower Series. CRP has not announced plans to field a race team in TTXGP.

CRP Racing eCRP 1.0 Specs

FRAME: Aluminum double beam

REAR SWING ARM: Aluminum Alloy

FRONT SUSPENSION: “Upside-Down” telescopic hydraulic fork OHLINS Stem dia. 43 mm

REAR SUSPENSION: OHLINS Hydraulic progressive shock absorber

FRONT BRAKE: Floating Braking Wave diskDisc dia. 320 mm

REAR BRAKE: Single Braking Wave diskDisc dia. 220 mm

CALIPER: Four pistons radial “Brembo” caliper

WHEEL RIMS: Forged Aluminum Marchesini Front Rim – Size 3.50″x17’’ Rear Rim – Size 5.50’’x17″

FRONT TIRE: Front Tire – Size 120 x 70-17

REAR TIRE: Rear Tire – Size 165 x 60- 17

WHEELBASE: Wheelbase –1376 mm

MOTORS: Dual DC “Agni 95” electric motors.


BATTERIES: 6 KW/h Batteries Pack52 packs (4 sets of 13 packs each)

CONTROLLER: Size 480mm x 150mm x 60mm

CHARGER: Zivan NG3 – 96 V

BMS – Battery Management System

WEIGHT: 175 Kg.


ENDURANCE RANGE: 25 miles (depending on track conditions)

SPEED: 112 mph

Image Source: Facebook
Spec Source: Road Racing World

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  1. Written by travis
    on January 14, 2010 at 11:01 am

    race proven? I don’t think so.

    There were 6 teams using agni motors. 3 of them finished, 3 of them did not finish….. and they didn’t finish due to the MOTORS failing. From brush failures, to magnets that came loose…. there was a 50% success rate at the race…..

    not sure why everyone is using this agni, for the price, I would expect a higher survival rate.

  2. Written by skadamo
    on January 14, 2010 at 11:55 am

    Good point. I have done a lot of thinking on that. Many talk about batteries being the weak link. It would seem motors are the weak link. Remember Brammo burnt up the AC motor they ran in thier second bike because they ran it hotter on purpose.

    It seems the logic between the batteries and the motor is the weak link and Lynch’s many years experience got them the win. I hope CRP and Mavizen include all that in their bikes. The design is race proven in TTXGP and the many races Lynch entered before it.

  3. Written by travis
    on January 14, 2010 at 12:35 pm

    the reason Agni won, is because Lynch knew that he could only get ~17hp continous out of those motors. Even the teams that knew about the current limits had failures not related to overheating…. like brush issues and magnets coming loose.

    At least Mavizen and CRP are putting them somewhat outboard, so they get proper cooling.

    Maybe its just a quality control issue? Its not like the motor shorted or blew apart.

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  6. Written by diegoR1
    on November 15, 2014 at 7:02 am

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    i are old costumer. thank

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