eGrandPrix Adds TTXGP Venues And *Cars* With EMXGP

Mission One Electric Motorcycle

Azhar Hussain and the TTXGP organization have been hard at work securing new venues for their electric motorcycle racing series. MC24, Brammo Fan and Hell For Leather have been staying on top of the announcements.

The biggest news may be the announcement of the EMXGP electric car racing series. Details are scarce but the first race will be in Paris in June 2010. They will be working with GP-Elec, an established electric car and motorbike race series.

On the North American TTXGP front, Mosport in Toronto Canada will be the site of the second round and VIR in Virginia will be the site of the third round.

I lifted a nice summary of the TTXGP schedule as it stands from Hell For Leather…

TTXGP UK series
3rd & 4th July Cadwell Park
17th & 18th July Snetterton
11th September Castle Combe
2nd & 3rd October Brands Hatch

TTXGP North America Championship
May 14-16, 2010: Infineon
July 8 – 11, 2010: Mosport
August 13 – 15, 2010: VIR

TTXGP Italian series
June 26th – 27th: Magione
July 24th – 25th: Franciacorta
September 4th – 5th: Franciacorta
September 25th – 26th: Mugello

TTXGP Final / UEM European Championship
Date TBA: Albacete, Spain

TTXGP at 2010 Isle of Man TT races
May 29th – June 11th, 2010:  Isle of Man

Teams so far
Mission Motors
Zero Motorcycles
Team Agni

Source: eGrandPrix Via: Hell For Leather

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