Nathan Abbott Is Not An Idiot

Nathan Abbott

Nathan Abbott

Nathan Abbott was doing the trip many of us wanted to do, ride an electric motorcycle across the country. He called himself an “idiot” which seems to say a lot about his good sense of humor and humble nature. He had a purpose and was inspired (I assume by his web handle “Greasy Rider”) to help bring change.

I was really looking forward to reading about his adventures but early in the trip someone in a car hit him from behind. Nathan is out of his coma and on his way to recovery and that is what is important. The driver is most likely suffering mental pain too. If you ride you know this type of thing happens occasionally. You may know a person who has hit a motorcyclist. Sometimes drivers just don’t see motorcycles for some reason.

Donations are being taken to help lift the financial burden from him and his family. There has been a lot of support from the ev community which is fantastic.

I don’t know what kind of experience Nathan had riding or if anything could have been done to avoid the accident but I would also like to stand on my little soap box and show my support for Motorcycle Safety Foundation. I hope that all new riders drawn to the sport in the US because of electric technology take their free motorcycle safety training course.

I did not take the MSF course as a beginner because I did not know about it when I started riding. Please do what you can to help change that for others getting on two wheels. I believe lots of stupid could have been avoided if I took it. People need to know FREE riding courses are available in the states.

Nathan, regardless of feedback you might get from monday morning quarterbacks on the trip you attempted, know that many of us don’t think you are an idiot. Get better man.

Read more about Nathan and his trip at Wired and Elmoto.

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  1. Written by Nathan Abbott
    on November 27, 2010 at 7:14 pm

    Thanks for the kind words & support. Woke up from my coma with about 500 new Facebook pals, wishing me luck & bidding me to get well. So I did. :-)

    I also “friended” the chick who hit me. Turns out, she didn’t wake up that day with plans to take out an electric motorcyclist. It was an accident & she’s a good kid.

    I lucked out with the off-duty ambulance team about 3 cars back, in the random right place @ the random right time (thanks, Jeff & Shawn). Those guys saved my life.

    Thanks again,
    Nathan Abbott

  2. Written by John Adamo
    on November 30, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Hey Nathan, thanks for the comment. That is pretty damn cool you FB friended the person who hit you. I hope things are going well.

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