TTXGP Responds To FIM e-Power Series

Azhar Hussain, Founder Of TTXGP

Azhar Hussain, Founder Of TTXGP

Mary Donovan of TTXGP posted a response today to the FIM press release announcing e-Power electric motorcycle race series. It turns out the FIM decided to move forward without the involvement of TTXGP. Azhar was humble in his response but pointed out that his organization shared a lot of knowledge and lessons learned on electric motorcycle racing with FIM. He also feels running two parallel electric motorcycle series will dilute the efforts of both organizations. Mr. Hussain went on to mention the many achievements of TTXGP and he sounds determined to push forward and succeed.

The good news is the previously announced TTXGP schedule will not be affected. In addition it sounds like most of the high profile teams will stay with the eGrandPrix events instead of moving to the FIM electric series.

The electric motorcycle industry is full of businesses that have decided to blaze new trails in a deeply entrenched industry. In most cases it seems to be a choice to do business in a way that better serves the customer. Other times it is just clever thinking. TTXGP tried to work with the racing industry but will now move forward on their own. Don’t doubt the entrepreneurial thinking of Azhar and his team. Original thought and inventive minds free of established thought could end up being a great thing for motorcycle racing.

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“We are disappointed that, despite our best efforts over many months to establish a truly inclusive world series, the FIM has decided to launch one independently of TTXGP. We would like to reassure all those involved with TTXGP that our 2010 racing calendar remains unaffected and our leading championship teams and manufacturers have already confirmed they will race exclusively in TTXGP”, said Azhar Hussain, TTXGP founder and CEO (pictured).

“TTXGP’s culture is to work together with those with knowledge and
experience in motorsports and technology to ensure that the very best of innovation and technology drives our sport forward. FIM’s unilateral decision means that our energies are divided and the force diluted; the real victim in this may well be the pace of innovation and change for our industry.

“TTXGP will continue to push boundaries in the midst of challenge. We continue to successfully build the most competitive, well promoted and technically advanced zero carbon championship in the world. We achieve this by having a mutual respect for our partners.

“TTXGP has been working closely with the FIM throughout 2009, openly sharing technical expertise and unique experience. TTXGP was invited to sit on the FIM zero carbon committee to help form the rules for 2010. FIM not only endorsed TTXGP 2009 but were represented by senior officers at TTXGP Isle of Man 2009.

“TTXGP was the first sanctioned zero-carbon race in history and pioneered
many of the safety and technical standards used in electric motorsports
today. TTXGP continues to push forward with new technologies, teams and
venues around the world in 2010.

“TTXGP invites the very best racers, engineers and technologies from
around the world to join our affordable, dedicated and high-profile event
to stake a claim on the next generation of motorsports. TTXGP is dedicated to zero-carbon motorsport and its accessibility for all.”

For more information contact Mary Donovan, Director of Communications
(m) +44 (0)7533 671949

Source: eGrandPrix

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