Jay Leno’s Electric Motorcycle Collection

If this is the future I'm not scared.

“If this is the future, I’m not that worried”

If you are into cars and motorcycles you probably know Jay Leno has one of the largest collections out there and many can be viewed at Jay Leno’s Garage. His video reviews and interviews make it obvious he is a true enthusiast.

Jay also openly and actively promotes alternative fuels. On the Leno Show he as a spot called the Green Car Challenge where he has celebrity’s run a road course in an all electric Ford Focus.

Over the past few years Jay has acquired a Vectrix Maxi scooter, Zero X, Zero S and most recently a Brammo Enertia. They are all documented on videos shot on location in his garage. Check out the clips after the break.

Vectrix Maxi Scooter

In his review of the Vectrix scooter he was impressed with the acceleration and regenerative braking finding it perfectly adequate and fun for around town riding. He did not hesitate to ding it for it’s range and was not real excited about the innovative 3 wheel leaning model.

Zero X Review

After some light conversation about the features and design behind the 140 lb. Zero X the real fun begins. Jay takes a quick spin but Neal’s wheelie demonstration leaves a lasting impression on his visit to Jay’s garage.

Zero S Review

Not long after Jay’s garage crew cleaned the rubber off the floor from Neal’s last visit he returned to deliver Jay’s Zero S.  Jay was impressed with it’s torque, fun factor, handling and power. He felt strange not having to shift and the silence was hard to get over. After a couple of digs on the wimpy horn he came to the conclusion that electric is the future.

Brammo Enertia Review

Jay Leno was very impressed with the Brammo built Ariel Atom and even helped Brammo acquire rights to spec the GM Ecotec engine that powers it so he was no stranger to Craig Bramscher. The Enertia was the latest electric motorcycle added to Leno’s collection. Besides talking about the well publicized benefits of the Enertia and the target market Bramscher mentions the Bike does have a small amount of regenerative braking. It is not enough to extend the range of the bike much but the common knowledge was Brammo did not have any regen. Leno leaves viewers with the thought that these are “exciting times for electric vehicles”.

So that is Jay’s electric motorcycle collection so far. There are some notable electric motorcycles missing. Maybe Dario should pay Jay a visit? Be sure to keep tuning into Jay’s garage as the collection expands. Below the picture gallery is a list of some other notable electric motorcycle owners and a list of some of Jay’s electric cars.

James Denton Desperate Housewives

Alan Wilzig‘s collection may not be as big as Jay’s but 130 is impressive. He has some great things to say about the Enertia.

Arnold Schwartzenager and Jay Leno are known to ride together. The Governor does not own a Zero but he is interested.

And don’t forget all the fine electric motorcycle owners in the forums.

Jay’s Electric Cars:
2008 Tesla Roadster
1909 Baker Electric

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