Video of Mavizen TTX02 Unveil At SEMA

Mavizen TTX02 TTXGP Electric Motorcycle

Mavizen TTX02 TTXGP Electric Motorcycle

Mavizen and TTXGP founder Azhar Hussain was joined by the Minister of Environment of Isle of Man yesterday to unveil the Mavizen TTX02 electric supersport motorcycle at SEMA show yesterday. Azhar is calling it a “laptop on wheels” to reflect the bikes concentration on shifting motorsports to be both connected and modular by design.

This is not a new theme in electric motorcycles, 3rd place TTXGP finisher Brammo has been beating the same drum for their electric Enertia commuter. However, Mavizen takes it a step further. The entire drivetrain can be swapped out in 5 minutes and the bikes system bus and integrated web server are built on Linux. Linux is an open source operating system which allows developers to modify it to suit their needs. The bike has a dedicated IP address and can be accessed remotely via PC for real diagnostics and tuning. Be sure to check out the Tradition Is Not A Business Model series on Asphalt And Rubber for more on modular design trends for electrics. See the TTX02 unveiling video after the break.

Mavizen will also offer professional remote diagnostics and support to race teams. This complements Azhar’s original plans for the TTX02 to facilitate easy entry of interested race teams into TTXGP race series. The bike will cost around £25,000 with the “Circuit” battery pack and give race teams access to proven race winning technology.

As we already knew, the TTX02 is based on the 2009 TTXGP winning Team Agni X01. It has dual Agni motors that can produce 90 brake horsepower. Race teams will have a choice of 3 battery packs, each designed for 1 of 3 TTXGP race formats. The “Sprint” battery pack will be optimized for the 6 mile TTXGP series cource. The “Circuit” battery pack is for the 25 mile course and the “Snaefell” for the TTXGP Isle of Man TT. Snaefell is a mountain on the Isle of Man that the riders of the legendary “Mountain Course” traverse.

The TTX02 will get it’s first test at Infineon Raceway in California on May 14 to 16 which will be the first official race of the TTXGP US Series. No word yet on if the TTX03 “motorcross derived” electric will have a race to run at Infineon but book your tickets 11/13 when they go on sale anyway. It should be a great and historic show.

Source: Trend Hunter via: @brassfield

Image: eGrandPrix

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  1. Written by brammofan
    on November 4, 2009 at 10:55 am

    Great coverage of this historic event!

  2. Written by joey
    on November 9, 2011 at 10:11 pm

    please can i get one,love to ride this in california,joey

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