Mavizen TTX02 To Be Unveiled At SEMA Show

Mavizen TTx02 Electric Race Bike

With electric motorcycles becoming more practical over the last few years there were a lot of teams interested in competing in the 2009 TTXGP at Isle of Man. However, in the end only 10 bikes crossed the finish line. Most teams had about 6 months to put a bike together and though simpler to build than ICE bikes, electric motorcycles still have their complexities. The clear winner was the Team Agni X01 machine built on a philosophy of simple is better.

So when eGrandPrix founder Azhar Hussain went looking for a way to get more teams to the starting line of the next electric race he went to Team Agni to help his company Mavizen produce a complete electric racing motorcycle. Details of the bike have been surfacing over the last few months and on November 3, 2009 the finalized Mavizen TTX02 will be unveiled at SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Azhar stresses these Mavizen race bikes are not meant to turn TTXGP into a one model series. It will only serve to help teams get involved in a shorter amount of time by giving them a complete electric race bike to build upon.

The TTX02 chassis will be supplied directly from a yet unnamed major manufacturer. The complete bike will cost around $40,000 USD and will be for race use only. However, the frame will have a serial number and a wiring loom and kits will be available to make it street legal. 50 units will be produced in total.

Cedric Lynch designed the Team Agni X01 to use 2 DC Agni Motors and Kokam LiFePO4 batteries to produce about 102 mph top speed. Azhar Hussain expects eGrandPrix electric race bike technology to improve by 30 to 40% but performance specs have not yet been published for the TTX02.

Mavizen will also produce electric motorcycle conversion kits that teams can use to build a race bike on a chassis of their choice. Different configurations will be available based on the chosen chassis and the teams budget. An added benefit will be availability of spare parts at all eGrandPrix races.

Be sure to submit your information on Mavizen’s website if you are interested in a TTX02 or an electric race bike conversion kit.

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