Ultra Motor Intelligent Dual Energy Power (IDEP) Explained

Ultra Motor Intellegent Dual Energy Technology

Ultra Motor Intelligent Dual Energy Technology

Last week I wrote about the 2010 A2B Excel that was on display at Eurobike and mentioned it’s incorporation of “Intelligent Dual Energy Power” (IDEP) technology. It turns out the system does more than provide an internal and external battery. While the external battery (high energy) is removable and allows you to bring it indoors for easy charging, it is also designed to charge the internal battery (high power). Click the break to see a video of Joe Bowman, President of Ultra Motor explaining how it works.

The internal battery is engineered to deliver higher currents required for acceleration. The combination of the two types of Lithium Ion battery extends the life of the internal battery by 30% while increasing range by 50%. Now I have to assume the increases are based on having 2 batteries that compromise between “high power” and “high energy” as Mr. Bowman explains it. Hopefully someone reading this can drop a comment with a more technical explanation of the technology. Stay tuned, I will post back when I learn more.

To date this is the only production electric scooter or motorcycle that I know of using this type of technology. High current delivery combined with extended range would be very useful in race applications. Maybe we will see one of the teams implement it in the 2010 eGrandPrix series.
Ultra Motor Joe Bowman President and Cofounder

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