Brammo Logo Design Down to Two

Brammo Logo Finalists

Brammo Logo Finalists

After a controversial decision to crowd source their new logo it looks like Brammo is down to two designs. Earlier this summer the CP+B interns’ attempts at designing a logo for Brammo fell short so contest was started on Crowd Spring allows a company to post requirements for a design and allows designers to submit their work. The company holding the contest will pick a winner and award money for the winning design. In the case of the Brammo contest the award was $1000.

This move drew a lot of controversy in the design world as many felt their work was being commoditized and there was no way a good design could come from a contest like this. Alex Bogusky, CEO of CP+B and an avid motorcycle rider is no stranger to controversy and did not hesitate to put his two cents in on the topic. CP+B have had some very successful, high profile campaigns with the “I’m a PC” campaign for Microsoft and the crazy commercials for Burger King.

Now the Brammo logo contest is over and it looks like 3 awards of $1000 went two 3 designers. There are two good choices for a logo fro Brammo. One is Alex’s favorite and one is Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher’s favorite. A third design will become the image on a Brammo t-shirt. Personally I like the design by Los Angeles designer Bryant Fernandez. We will be looking at this logo for a long time so be sure to tell Craig what you think.

Source: Ross Kimbarovsky

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