Best Buy – Your Local Brammo Enertia Dealer

Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher and Designer Brian Wisman

Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher and Designer Brian Wisman

After many years of planning and development the all electric Brammo Enertia is now for sale at the Cascade Station Best Buy in Portland, Oregon. Honestly with all the media buzz and Brammo’s participation in the TTXGP at Isle Of Man there were times I forgot the bike was not already available. As always, BrammoFan was on the scene with details and pic of the launch.

A significant detail buried under the game-changer of Best Buy selling motorcycles is the retail locations selling the electric motorcycle are now DMV regulated motorcycle dealers. This bureaucratic hurdle most likely slowed the launch of the Enertia but also gets my mind spinning about how it might pave the way for Best Buy to take on sales of other modes of transportation.

If your in the area be sure to stop by and ask about the built in GPS, wifi (hardware is there, software coming soon) and possible integration of video devices and other peripherals. Drop us a comment and let us know what the Geek Squad has to say about the bikes. They will be some of the first civilians to see the inner working and they apparently have already been trained to fix them. If you don’t live in Oregon you can always buy yours online at and even view the owners manual online.

Source: BrammoFan; @BrammoSays

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  1. Written by tgintz
    on September 4, 2009 at 11:32 am

    I went there last Saturday. We took some pictures on my friend’s camera, but he hasn’t given them to me.

    They both look great (the stock bike and the ttxgp bike.

    The motor in the ttxgp bike is watercooled and looks like a custom controller. Very slick. Looked like a PMG motor. 8 valence batteries instead of 6, and a custom suspension front and back.

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