Motorcross Ready 2009 Zero MX Can Now Be Yours

2009 Zero MX Electric Dirtbike

2009 Zero MX Electric Dirtbike

Gene Banman, CEO of Zero sent out a letter yesterday stating the Zero MX is now shipping. The Zero MX is a beefed up version of Zero’s X. The X is very light tipping the scales at a claimed 151 lbs. The light weight is the result of a design philosophy that keeps everything as light as possible to get the most range out of the batteries. In addition to the feathery aluminum frame Zero spec’d forks, headset and wheels from the mountain bike world to keep the weight down.

The problem is, the Zero X saw a lot of tests and reviews held on motorcross tracks instead of the trails it was designed for. The bikes running gear is not up to landing big jumps, hitting whoops and navigating big ruts. So Zero stepped up the specs and created the 2009 Zero MX to give riders a more MX ready electric dirt bike. The MX features more robust suspension which adds adjustable rebound and compression and added stiffness. The wheels are also true motorcycle wheels as opposed to being sourced from the downhill mountain bikes world.

Keep an eye out for the Zero S supermoto and Zero DS dualsport which should start shipping some time this year. These bikes have more range and are street legal. However, they don’t have a quick swap battery like the MX and X.

Here is the text from the letter sent out by Zero:

We’re excited to announce that the Zero MX is shipping now. With the increase in our manufacturing abilities, we’ll be able to deliver the Zero MX around the world just in time for the fall riding season. It will be shipping in parallel with the Zero X. With two models, each having two options, we have an off road motorcycle to outfit just about anyone. Whether you want to aggressively bomb around the track or quietly blast along a narrow trail, this fall you can do it on a Zero.

To mark the occasion we revamped our homepage and added some incredible new photography of the Zero MX and Zero X to our gallery – click here to check it out.

Enjoy the Ride,
Gene Banman
Zero Motorcycles

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