Brammo Enertia Dual Sport In Planning?

Brammo Enertia Off Road

Brammo Enertia Off Road

Does Brammo have a dual sport version of the Enertia planned? No official word yet but it looks like Brammo’s designer Brian Wismann is having some fun playing in the dirt with his. The all electric Enertia comes stock with very dirtbike-like wide foot pegs. Apparently there is little vibration generated by motor since they did not go with the usual cheesy rubber topped street units found on most Japanese ICE bikes.

The seat is flat with an easy transition to the smallish “tank” which is good for weight transfer. The suspension has 5” of travel front and rear. Not a whole lot of motion but it probably do a good job with what it has considering the front is by Marzocchi and the rear by Elka and the whole package weights 324 lbs. Brian also mentions the sealed brushless AC motor helps keep the grime at bay. Yeah, some might worry that the 50 mile range will limit a true adventurers exploring. At least the built-in GPS is there to help you find the fastest way home.

Once a few advriders get their hands on the Enertia we will find out for sure but it looks like the Enertia has the flexibility for some light offroad use. Check out the pics and videos below for a first hand view of Enertia getting dirty.

Source: Brian Wismann

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