2010 TTXGP Announces PRO2 Class

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New rules for the 2010 TTXGP at Isle of Man were announced this weekend. A new class called PRO2 will run 2 laps of the 38 mile mountain course in addition to the 1 lap PRO class. Teams will be allowed to pit and swap out batteries or forgo the pit stop and run both laps on the same batteries. Current battery technology would make two laps at a competitive pace on the same batteries difficult. Even if battery technology expands at the rate of Moore’s law we will probably see all teams pitting in Pro 2 and utilizing hot-swap batteries to make get in and out quickly.

Dropped from the TTXGP is the Open class. This class was interesting because it put a soft cost ceiling on the motorcycles that competed in the event. Each entry was required to be available for sale after the event for $32,800 including the charger so the teams were faced with the question, how much technology are you willing to give away for that price? The winning GPR-S based Electric Motorsport bike was sold to the Isle of Man government after the 2009 race and is now touring various ev events in Europe.

There are also new rules that revolving around safety which have not been explained. The biggest safety concern in the 2009 TTXGP seemed to be DC motors locking up after melting down as experienced by the eRockit team. This is a problem with electric machines because most of them are direct drive, no clutch to pull if the motor seizes.

Source: eGrandPrix.com | Photo: Amadeus Photography

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