2009 AMA TTXGP eGrandPrix At Mid Ohio

TTXGP eGrandPrix Founder Azhar Hussain On the Zero S.

TTXGP eGrandPrix Founder Azhar Hussain on the Zero S.

This weekend was the first time electric motorcycles took the track on US soil in an AMA event dubbed the TTXGP eGrandPrix. Through out the day Saturday there was a crowd gathered around the electric motorcycles at the TTXGP tent. Even after 7 PM when most of Mid Ohio Sports Car Course was mostly cleared out more motorcycle enthusiasts stopped by to talk. Despite the fact there was not a single bike in attendance that touched the Isle Of Man for the TTXGP it was an amazing experience to meet the people who made it happen and see the bikes on the track. Azhar Hussain, the founder of the TTXGP was happily mingling with the crowd and even took the Zero S for a spin. See the video after the jump.

A few guys from the AMA came by to ride the bikes and talk to Azhar and the rest of the TTXGP teams. I’m not sure what those conversations were about but I do know a main goal of the TTXGP organization is to have a zero emission motorcycle race series in the United States next year. This could be part of the process of working with the AMA to make it happen. The people of TTXGP are also working hard to build interest and find teams to enter the races.

Jeremy Cleland of Mission Motors was there all the way from California. He regretted he could not bring the Mission One or thier 4th place Isle Of Man Pro Class bike but was very excited to be there for the event. He explained how Mission is working hard to perfect the bike and that we should see it some time next year.

Todd Kollin and Raul Aguilar of Electric Motorsport were there with their TTXGP Pro Class bike. Todd explained to me a series of motor issues kept the machine from shipping to the Isle of Man in time for TTXGP. The original motor melted down and they were not able to test the replacement AC motor in time to get it to the Isle Of Man. Raul is the Race Tech Engineer for the 1st place Open class bike and the Pro class bike. The Open class bike was sold to the Isle Of Man government after the race and is now touring venues and events in Europe.

Dennis McCarthy of CBXMan Motorcycles, a Zero dealer out Pennsylvania was there with a Zero X and the Zero S prototype. Dennis is the first US dealer to get the Zero S. Zero Motorcycles did not take part in the TTXGP of 2009 but they have held a race event here in the US called the 24 Hours Of Electricross. The Zero S could not be heard from the grand stands at the final turn of Mid Ohio even though it was approaching it’s restricted top speed.

Other bikes in the race included Brain Helmholdt’s Team Zion, Shultz Engineering CB125 conversion, Team Norton Electra, and the Enertrac bike. They were amazing and unique machines to see. These guys were fielding questions non-stop and were extremely passionate about electric. Believe me, the passion is contagious and I have a hunch a good number of vintage folks got infected this weekend.

Here is a video of the start of the first lap.

Below are pictures of the eGrandPrix bikes.

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  1. Written by brammofan
    on July 27, 2009 at 8:42 am

    Great stuff! Loved the home-builts and conversions. Wished I could have been there.

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