Who’s Idea Was The iPhone Dashboard?

Neal Saiki Ponders A Google Phone Dashboard

Neal Saiki Ponders A Google Phone Dashboard

MotoCzysz captured the attention of motorcycle and gadget geeks a few weeks ago when they displayed pictures of their E1pc Digital Superbike sporting an iPhone dashboard. Who could help linking to something so cool and practical and showing all your friends? The picture received a lot of attention.

I finally sat down this morning to watch a May 26, 2009 Google Tech Talk episode where Zero Motorcycles CEO Neal Saiki explains the engineering behind the Zero S and Zero X electric motorcycles. Neal’s a laid back  guy who speaks very calmly until he starts talking about his desire to incorporate a Google Phone or iPhone into Zero bikes. Suddenly he looked like a kid opening a Wii on Christmas morning. He explained…

Maybe you could make a phone call, get your maps, where your going and also have your speed readout, trip distance, things like that…

Did MotoCzysz watch this video and think hey, that’s a good idea or did they think of it themselves? It makes little difference but the exciting thing is eventually we might see an iPhone or Google Phone used as the default interface for motorcycles and other vehicles.  The potential for integration of electronics into electric motorcycles is high on the minds of electric motorcycle manufacturers. The Brammo Enertia will have an API, wifi and GPS integration when it goes on sale at Best Buy this month.  They have also talked about adding periferals such as a video camera to the bike. Mission plans to have real time data acquisition and use a USB key to allow the user to tune engine braking and other performance characteristics of the Mission One.  It truly is an exciting time for geeks that ride.

MotoCzysz E1pc iPhone Dashboard

MotoCzysz E1pc iPhone Dashboard

Here is a chop of the video:

Source: YouTube

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  1. Written by tgintz
    on June 26, 2009 at 11:16 am

    I don’t think anyone can claim it really. As a display that you can program it was only a matter of time. Synkromotive talked about having the Iphone able to display controller/bms data on any PDA or Phone with Wifi. I’ve heard several EV car manufacturers wanting to use the iphone as well.

    The first application I’ve seen of an actual dash display for a car was with the REV:

    MotoCzysz didn’t integrate the iPhone, Its to show what is possible with a completely digital bike and how far tech could push this new era of electric vehicles. Just think of everything you could do with it… as Neal said… Download maps.

    A few other things:
    – What about logging your “Amps and Volts” along a trip? You would then know how much power you use up hills and how much you regen down hills. Then you know how many Wh/Mile you use… and you can integrate this with 3-D map data and actually plot your most efficient route to your destination and back. This would be useful for gas vehicles, but moreso with Electric vehicles.
    – You could have your car/bike/etc hooked to the iPhone and if you get stuck, it automatically calls the manufacturer and uploads the log data. It can help debug on the fly. They could even send a AAA truck with a buttload of batteries to “dumpcharge” your vehicle if its low.
    – You can sync your car with your computer at home. Upload traffic data immediately and avoid long delays (although it doesn’t use much electricity if you’re at a stop ;) )
    – You can have voice commands to set things into eco mode or sport mode, voice “security” to enable the car, voice commands to display battery level, state of charge, battery charge/discharge history, etc etc.

    There’s a lot you can do with a little computer in a case. Plus you can take PDA’s and Iphones with you when you leave… even if someone DID steal it, they can’t Unlock the vehicle without it.

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