TTXGP Rider Interviews After the Race

Cedric Lynch, the man behind the Agni Motor

Cedric Lynch, the man behind the Agni Motor

The official TTXGP results are posted along with a video from race day and interviews with the riders and team members. Most riders interviewed over the last week seem surprised at the power of the bikes and how much they enjoyed riding them. Keep in mind some of the entries were not complete and track worthy until the week before the race. As some of the comments on previous posts here explain, Mark Miller did not ride the MotoCzysz E1pc until the first practice lap 6/9.

Here is a chop of MotoCzysz rider Mark “Thriller” Miller talking about riding the E1pc:

Mission One Rider Thomas Montano thoughts on electric motorcycle technology and engineering vs. rider influence on the results:

Agni Motors’ Cedric Lynch, 30 year veteran of electric motor design, talks about the Team Agni win:

An excited Rob Barber pulls into the pits and gives his impression of Team Agni and how it feels to win the TTXGP. He possibly hints at some reasons why Cedric recently left L.M.C.

Source: TTXGPYouTube

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  1. Written by skadamo
    on August 10, 2009 at 4:57 pm

    2009 TTXGP Results

    BEST BUY PRO Class

    Pos Team Rider Time Speed
    1 AGNI X01 Rob Barber 25:53:50 87.434
    2 XXL Racing Team Thomas Schoenfelder 29:04:93 77.841
    3 Brammo Mark Buckley 30:02:64 75.350
    4 Mission Motors Thomas Montano 30:33:26 74.091
    5 Htblauva Paul Dobbs 36.10.63 62.575
    6 Brunel X-team Stephen Harper 56:27:89 40.092

    OPEN Class

    Pos Team Rider Time Speed
    1 Electric Motorsport Chris Heath 34:17:30 66.022
    2 Barefoot Motors Chris Petty 36:23:06 62.219
    3 TORK John Crellin 37:26:01 60.475

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