Results After TTXGP Qualifying At IOM TT

Rob "Bullet" Barber Heads Out on 37.5 mile IOM TT loop

Rob "Bullet" Barber Heads Out on 37.5 mile IOM TT loop

Team Agni and Robert “Bullet” Barber made history and turned the fastest lap of the 37.5 mile IOM mountain course at 26 minutes, 41 seconds on a zero emissions motorcycle. This was a good 5 minutes, 6 seconds faster than the next fastest team, Dan Kneen on the ManTTX machine.  Absent from the top three were some of the most anticipated machines of the TTXGP; Mission Motors, MotoCzysz and Brammo.

MotoCzysz rider Mark Miller stopped in Union Mills and did not finish the lap. Spectators mentioned he was the fastest off the line. Most of us following the TTXGP expected this after seeing the dyno pulls MotoCzysz posted over the past few weeks showing the bike do 0 – 120 mph in 12 seconds with a 3 second throttle turn.

Agni Motors has been building EV motors and working in the EV space for quiet some time now so their win is not that surpising. What is surprising is how fast they completed the lap and their 102.6 mph top speed at Sulby trap and 84.8 mph average speed. This is well down from the I.C.E bike average top speed of around 125 mph but still impressive.

Here is a description of the bike from Agni Motors website:

The bike we are converting for the TTXGP is a 2007 Suzuki GSXR 600 fitted with two Agni 95 Reinforced motors and Kokam lithium-polymer battery of 63 cells of 70AH each, total about 16 kilowatt-hours of energy. This will give 40 to 50 horsepower averaged over the length of the race, which should be good for about 200 km/h (120 mph) top speed.

BTW, the Barefoot Motors machine can be purchased, charger and all for $32,800 USD after the race Friday June 12 because it is in the Open class. What a great deal! A tip of the hat to Barefoot who manufacture electric ATV’s targeted to agricultural use.

Here is a link to the full TTXGP audio commentary from the electric motorcycle qualifying at IOM.

Below are the full results from

1 ) Rob Barber (AGNI) 26m41.39   84.819 mph  (Sulby 102Mph)

2 ) Dan Kneen (ManTTX) 32m01.81  70.677 mph

3 ) Chris Petty (Barefoot Motors) 33m35.09   67.405 mph

4 ) Thomas Montano (Mission)  33m45.98   67.043 mph

5 ) Thomas Schoenfelder (XXL Racing)  34m07.44    66.341 mph

6 ) Roy Richardson (Brammo) 35m47.76   63.242 mph

7 ) Mark Buckley (Brammo) 35m52.11  63.114 mph

8 ) Chris Heath (ElectroMotorSports / Native Cycles) 36m26.47   62.122 mph

9 ) George Spence (Kingston) 40m44.77   55.559 mph

10 ) Paul Dobbs (HTBlauva)  41m53.00  54.050 mph


Photos: Amadeus Photography

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